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  1. New Exhaust Setup?

    4.6L Tech
    I currently have SLP Loudmouth 2's on right now with stock mid pipe and manifold. I am thinking about purchasing BBK LT headers and BBK H-pipe. Does anyone have this exhaust combination or do you think this would sound good?
  2. SLP Resonance on my '05 issue

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey guys I was wondering if any of you have an idea of what might be going on. I hear a funny noise as if it is something vibrating somewhere in the front of the car when I am putting extra load on the engine in third gear. I am almost positive that it is just vibration but I have no idea how to...
  3. Exhaust help for an '09 GT

    4.6L Talk
    I'm looking at getting an SLP loudmouth axle back, but I have never heard of the company. Does anyone have any suggestions about other systems? Good things to say about SLP?
  4. axle back exhaust after only 100 miles?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    So I was wondering, would it be safe to throw an slp axle back on my 2012 5.0 after just 100 miles. any thoughts?
  5. Axelback Exhaust for 2007 Mustang GT/CS

    Hey everyone, I just recently joined so I'm trying to get the hang of everything. I am not looking to go all out with my exhaust (Long tube headers, or mid pipe). Im just trying to keep it simple and easy to install by upgrading my axelbacks. Ive been looking at SLP and Pypes, but i want to know...
  6. New exhaust set up! [Video]

    4.6L Talk
    Hey everybody, there might be another thread for this, but I am A). too naive to know, B). too lazy to investigate. But I got a new cat-back for my birthday and thought I would share if anybody else is looking for a new set-up. 1996 GT, SLP LMII, w/BBK catted-X So here is how it sounds. Post...
  7. 1998 mustang gt, how can i put slp mufflers in place of stock mufflers?

    4.6L Talk
    on my 98 gt right now i have the stock mufflers with an o/r x pipe. im looking to put slp loudmouth 1 on but i dont want the whole cat back set up, how can i put the slp's in place of the stock mufflers? will i have to weld othe pipes in there or will the slp fit in the right place?
  8. SLP Mufflers on my 6?

    V6 Talk
    Does anybody know if they sound good or not? Anybody have slp on their six? Lemme know before I buy or not.
  9. Poll: SLP or Bassani. Please help me choose.

    4.6L Talk
    I have Long Tube MAC Headers with an offroad MAC hpipe. I have Borla Stinger catback now. I want it a little louder and more mustang sound. I love the borlas but I kinda want something more aggressive and mean. I have narrowed it down to... SLP LM (Probably II but maybe I) OR.... Bassani SS...
  10. Former Chevy guy with an 2004 Terminator Mustang and a love for Ford Racing

    Hello Mustang Brethren, I am new to the scene with an 04 Cobra Convertible that I bought a month ago. it has an upgraded 3.4L whipple supercharger, IRS support brace, Kenne Belle Fuel boost pump (set at 50 rich), Short throw shifter with Hurst T handle, Magnaflow exhaust with high flow cats, x...
  11. SLP exhaust? or flowmaster?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    hey i was thinking about getting an slp exhaust set up.i need some advice. theres the resonators,the loudomuths, and hushpower. whats the best in your opinion? os should i go with flowmaster american thunders?:rollgrin:
  12. Which is louder, dual cutouts or SLP LM's?

    4.6L Talk
    Okay so I've posted a couple things about this. I have Borla stingers with an O/R H. I want it louder... butttt I like how they sound over SLPs. Sooo cutouts? then I can keep both. Here lies my question... WHICH IS LOUDER - DUAL CUTOUTS (ELECTRIC) OR SLPs?
  13. BORLA or LM1?? Help.

    4.6L Talk
    Alright, I currently have stock headers, MAC O/R Hpipe, and Borla Stinger Catback Exhaust. I'm considering getting SLP LM1 Catback. I KNOW it's all about what I (MYSELF) like, HOWEVER, what do you all think? Who likes the Borla Stingers better? Who likes the SLP Lm1s better? Why/Why not...
  14. Exhaust Hanger Fix

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Is it worth it to have hangers on an x pipe fixed? Would the pipe still be the same if I went to a shop and had them reweld? I was thinking it would be okay because they could also lift my x pipe closer to the bottom of the car possibly, but would it be the same as a new one? Anyone have any...
  15. Kooks LT Headers, Catted X-Pipe Installed!!!!

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Thanks once again to my boy CR @ Tillman Speed in Aston, PA. We slapped a set of Kooks LT Headers 1/58" with catted X-pipe, to my existing vehicle equipped with SLP Loudmouths and Whipple S/C. The sound, INSANE and SICK!!!! Enjoy!! YouTube - 2005 Ford Mustang GT Kooks LT Headers Catted...
  16. 02 Extensions for slp catted x pipe?

    4.6L Talk
    hey everyone i just bought slp catted x pipe and im wondering if i will need 02 extensions to go along with it? i have a 2001 gt thanks
  17. 2005 Mustang GT-Tune Question

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    As many of you might have seen i just got my SLP x pipe for my 05 GT. When I install it am I going to have to tune my car right away? would you suggest getting inspected then putting the x pipe on? thanks
  18. 2003 Mustang *EXHAUST FEEDBACK*

    4.6L Tech
    I'm getting a 2003 mustang gt its all stock except for bbk cold air intake. Since I'm 18, dont have too much cash to do everything. I want it to sound mean and pick up some power. Right now i'm looking at getting BBK Headers at American Muscle and Slp shorty x pipe (catted) to slp loudmouth...
  19. 2005 Mustang GT Magnaflow X Pipe/SLP LoudMouth

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey everyone, does anyone know if the Magnaflow Xpipe (with high flow cats) will work with the SLP LoudMouth Axel backs? Anyone have experience with this set up and will they pass state inspection? Any clue on if it sounds good? I really like the SLPs and I've been searching for an X pipe...
  20. 2005 Mustang GT SLP Exhaust Help

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hi, I recently put the SLP LoudMouths on to my mustang and I am wondering what I should do next. I definately want to do headers and x pipe or h pipe (im open for suggestions) eventually, but i am not going to do everything at once. What would you suggest I do first, headers or xpipe? I am...