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  1. Rough idle, Studdering, Exhaust Smoke

    4.6L Talk
    A little over a week ago bought a 2003 Automatic GT. A few days ago I started to notice some issues that might or might not be so common - I'm new to this, after all. I'm going to list them and would appreciate any advice on where to start... thank you to anyone in advance that provides help...
  2. 289 burning oil

    Classic Tech
    Hi all I have a 1966 Mustang gt 289 it burns a little bit of oil. I did a compression test all cylinders were right around 170 lbs varying by a few lbs 1-4 with a cold engine no oil added so that seems good could it be valve seals worn cam lobes stretched timing chain a combination of all of...
  3. 95 GT Smoke coming from behind engine!

    5.0L Tech
    Okay so have a 95 Gt with the 5.0 (obviously). The engine was running very choppy and was blowing smoke and oil out of the dipstick tube. So I had a new pcv valve put on, but still the issue continued. So he compression tested the engine and found that the rings in one cylinder are bad. I...
  4. white smoke out the tail pipe

    4.6L Tech
    hey everyone just picked up a 2003 mach only mods its has are catless h pipe and flowmaster cat back. on a cold start and at high rpms im getting white smoke out the tail pipes. so theres that and it seems to be sluggish but i have never driven a mustang w/o gears in it. any thoughts are...
  5. 65 mustang wont stay running

    Classic Tech
    I have a 65 mustang with a 302 motor and it will start but die after a few seconds and it is smoking white out of only the right side exhaust. I change the coil, fuel pump, disturber cup, rotor button, points, plugs wires. I adjusted the points and the timing.
  6. 4.6L Coolant/antifreeze leak/spill/issue

    4.6L Tech
    when i driving my 2001 mustang gt, if i accelerate aggressive enough my car will start smoking from the engine and you can smell and see the coolant all over the Front Passenger side of the engine. so when you pop the hood the coolant is all over the Top Left passenger side corner. along with...
  7. Mechanical Problems

    4.6L Tech
    Lately I have noticed that my mufflers have been smoking, I checked the engine and haven't seen any visual problems. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Also does seafoam really work?
  8. 1993 Mustang LX 2.3L 5spd help with idle and clutch issues?

    2.3L Tech
    Hello everyone. I just bought my first car and it happens to be a 1993 Mustang LX 2.3L 5spd. I really wanted the v8 but couldn't afford it. I have some issues that maybe I can get some help because I don't have too much money and I would like to learn how to fix my own car. The car has a high...
  9. Help! Engine Hesitation When Accelerating.

    2.3L Tech
    I need help with my 1992 Mustang LX Hatchback 2.3 L non turbo. The engine runs strong with in park I can rev the engine up without any problem but when I drive it it chugs and hesitates when I press on the accelerator. Ive gone over everything that I can but still no luck. I have replaced the...
  10. 1996 v6 head gasket help.

    V6 Tech
    Hi, I'm going to be as descriptive as possible, Its a 1996 V6 3.8L manual I've had this car for a about a year and a half. It has got about 250,000 miles in it. Anyway last year about this time exactly when it starts getting could out and a need to use the heat arises, my head gasket blew. My...
  11. 1990 Ford Mustang overheating with white smoke in exhaust :(

    5.0L Tech
    Ok i have a problem with my car, it has strated to over heat real fast. and sometimes when the water is a bit low it starts to smoke white from the exhaust. but only when i am stopped, as soon as i step on the gas the smoke goes away. and it seems to be using up more coolant than usual. I check...
  12. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Im confused

    SVT Cobra Tech
    So the other day I am driving down some old country roads going for a nice cruise enjoying the weather. As I was going around a corner I heard a couple small pops coming from the tail pipes that raised the hair on the back of my neck. So I looked in the rearview mirror and saw white/blueish...
  13. Engine smokes on drivers side.

    5.0L Tech
    Im having a smoking issue with my '90 gt. It looks like crank case gas is escaping the engine, at idle thin wisps of smoke can be seen comming out of the dipstick tube and at about 3500 rpm smoke just pours out from under the header. Could it be that the dip stick is loose, and therfore not...
  14. 2005 v6 Mustang White smoke on startup HELP!

    V6 Tech
    Looking for some help here. Just finished up putting together a 2005 Twin Turbo v6. After getting it all together and broke in, it started smoking from the exhaust after start up for a few minutes. After that it is fine. It is white smoke. It doesnt look like a head gasket is blown as my oil...
  15. Im having oil or oil pressure related probs. plz help

    5.0L Tech
    I read this while browsing for an answer: Quote: Originally Posted by seanstrey Also double check your pcv valve. Also your breather tube that runs from your oil fill neck to your intake tube. If those are clogged or capped you can build crankcase pressures causing your seals to blow out like...
  16. 2004 Mustang GT Security issue? Car won't start

    4.6L Tech
    Hi everyone, I came on here b/c I have never heard of this problem before. I have an '04 GT which will not start. I have a brand new optima batterry and I don't believe its the alternator. What's odd is when I turn the key the theft light goes crazy and flashes non stop, car won't start. I tried...
  17. 1991 LX 5.0 electical smoke. whats wrong?

    5.0L Tech
    I just recently bought a 1991 mustang hatchback and i quickly found that there is something that is draining the battery so i took it out and charged it, but when i put it back in and connected the power there was a large spark followed by smoke coming out of a compartment right next to the...
  18. 1966 mustang car is smoking

    Classic Tech
    my car started smoking today a light white n greyish color what could be tha problem?
  19. 1999 v6 smoke coming from engine/dipstick, Please Help!

    V6 Talk
    Okay, so when i drive in the city everything's fine but when im on the highway and i take it passed 65 mph for like 45 seconds or more, the engine starts to smoke, you really don't notice it until you've come to a stop and you see the smoke coming from the wheel arches. But last night i stopped...
  20. EMERGENCY! Help, please.

    2.3L Tech
    I was backing out of a driveway, and suddenly the engine quits. There was smoke coming out from the hood with a weird smell lingering. Now when I turn the key, I hear no fuel pump. What happened?