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smoking wires

  1. Smoking turn signal

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys so I had the problem earlier with a smoke coming from my turn signal switch I ended up replacing the switch as well as a new headlight harness. The problem still happens so I'm wondering if its the turn signal housing unit? The wiring looks ok but the whole unit looks corroded I have a...
  2. Smoking Battery Wire after Radio Install!

    Classic Tech
    Hello- I was replacing the radio on my 1965 Mustang (Convertible w/ factory A/C Unit) and i ran into some issues. The first test went well and the radio was powered when I started the car. After the first test, something happened. Now, I cannot start the car at all. I just hear a very loud...
  3. So here's my problem, can't keep the wheels from spinning untill 3000 rpm's then.crap

    5.0L Tech
    i boughht the car with wiring problems. it sat for about a year before i got it. put a new batt in it, found some loose wires and tied them up, put some clean fuel in it, it fired right up much to the dismay of my brother in law who sold me a 7,000 dollar car for $1,200. driving it home I...