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  1. 2015 Best Snow/Winter Tires?

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hi all, It looks like my little '07 v6 pony may have to play in the snow once in a while, so I am asking for recommendations for best currently available snow tires, tires to avoid, and should I get 2 tires or all 4? I have looked at old posts but would like to hear from 'Stang owners with...
  2. Winter tires for 19" wheels on a 2014 GT

    Wheels and Tires
    I have a 2014 Mustang GT Premium that I need help picking some winter tires for. I'm finding the selection of tires rather limited due to my 19" wheels. This car is my daily driver, and I will use it year-round (I've ruled out getting a winter beater car, for various reasons). I do have a...
  3. 17'' wheels on a 2010??

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    hi im new to the mustang world and the forum. i used the search but found nothing. i have a 2010 mustang gt 5 speed. its bone stock. it has the factory 18'' wheels. with winter coming up i need some snow tires and i have a set of newer 215 45r 17 blizzaks my neighbor is willing to give me. my...
  4. ~~Rim Spec. Questions~~

    V6 Tech
    Hi guys, been a while since i posted something. I'm looking into selling my 3.9 v6 and buying a gt. My question is, will the rims i have now (stock 16's off my v6) will they fit on a gt? Cause i already have 8 rims, 4 with summers and 4 with snows. id sell the summers with the car but want to...
  5. Prepping for winter

    Wheels and Tires
    I just got a 2011 GT and think it would be wise to prep for a snowy winter. I live in the Northern NJ where we got crushed with snow last year. I had a 4x4 last year so it wasn't a problem but now I am going to need to put a little more thought into my drive before I head out the door. I have...
  6. Snow Tire Size?

    4.6L Talk
    Hey y'all, I just slapped 4 brand new Nexen N3000s on Black Betty, and as my mechanic wisely told me, my next move would be to keep my old wheels and get some snow tires. I'm looking at Blizzaks currently, and he told me 225-60s were a good size all the way around. My old rims are 17x8s- will...
  7. 1999 Mustang Convertible Snow Tires and sizes, Please Help.

    V6 Tech
    I got a '99 Convertible V6 over the summer and it's time to put snow tires on it, right now I have 235 60R15's on it and I was wondering if anybody could help me and tell me what size snow tires I need or would fit my car. I don't know much about cars so please be as descriptive and helpful as...
  8. Do you drive in the snow?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    As I wrote in another post, I've just ordered a 2011 V6 Pony convertible, 6-speed manual, "ingot silver," black top, black rocker panel stripes, on March 5. Have been waiting about 5 years to do this, since I first rented a Cologne-V6 convertible in southern California. VERY EXCITED . . . But...
  9. Snow Tires and wheels

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Trading my 2008 GT vert for a 2010 next week. This is my daily driver, and I run snow tires in the winter. Have Dunlop M3's on the 2008. They are "performance winter tires" which means they are great on dry roads but suck in snow and ice. I hate them, and am planning on going with something...