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  1. Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    Hi all, i was just driving around one day and decided to change the Balance in my car, and found out that a speaker on my rear left (if sitting in drivers seat facing forward) - the one that produces bass - is not producing any sound at all. I lifted up the "carpet" with the mesh that covers the...
  2. 5.0L Talk
    ok so i found some cheap used flowmaster 40 deltaflows on ebay an i just got them on. they sound a better then the magnaflows that were on there before but i am still looking for a little more sound. would shorty headers be too much or is that what im looking for? i guess what im asking is how...
  3. 5.0L Tech
    i want to get a mild cam i still have stock heads and intake but got headers i like the sound of this guys mustang with a b303 and similar mods YouTube - 1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 with FRPP B303 cam which cam could i pass smog,sound like that one ,and still idle fine would i see a horsepower...
  4. 5.0L Talk
    i have heard people say that they remove their intake silencer. what is this? is it removed when you install a CAI?
  5. 5.0L Talk
    so i decided to go with the magnaflow mufflers and when they were on it sounded almost stock. i cleaned out two of the four cats (the back ones) and it now only sounds slightly louder but not much. is magnaflow really that quiet?
  6. Classic Tech
    i have a 66 inline 6 coupe. im planning on swapping a v8 in later. but for now is there anything or any parts i could get to make it sound more beast... its stock engine, so simple, important, inexpensive upgrade suggestions would help. thank you guys..
  7. 5.0L Tech
    i have a 1995 mustang gt 5spd 5.0. ok heres my speel. when i start the car its fine and all just driving easy everything is perfect. BUT when i give it like 3/4 throttle theres a chriping sound almost like metal on metal. it also makes the same sound when im off the gas and still in gear slowing...
  8. V6 Talk
    hey i got a V6 2003 mustang with a true dual exhaust, a cold air intake and after market mufflers(although not flowmaster or anything good). Im trying to make a little more sound out of my car to give it a more agressive feel but im not sure of any other way to go about doing it. at full...
  9. 4.6L Talk
    what gives the 4V that unique sound over the 2V's? airflow? the ability to rev higher? bigger exhaust ports on the heads? i want mine to sound like a 4V, only reason i can think of is that 4V flow more air than 2V's what do you guys think?
  10. 2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hello fellow Mustang owners, I have a quick question for the community about the brakes on my 2006 V6 Coupe. As I come to a full stop my breaks seem to be making this creaking noise for just a moment until the rotors are fully stopped. It sounds similar to someone rubbing their palm against...
  11. 4.6L Tech
    My 2002 4.6 Mustang is making a whining sound at idle that turns into a high pitched whirring sound when I give it any gas at all. The more gas it gets the faster/higher pitched the sound gets. The best way I can describe the noise is that it sounds like, "Wrrreeeeeeeeee". I am positive that...
41-51 of 51 Results