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  1. Fuel or Sensor Issue... maybe niether?

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    This has been a week long process so bare with me... First contact: So I'm driving to work (Fort Bragg) and my commute is about 40 minutes. My CEL light is on, but that is normal because i need a tune to remove rear O2s. My car started up fine, was fine on the highway, got to a red light and...
  2. Replacing Spark Plugs

    4.6L Tech
    I have been reading threads on this site and am still not sure what to get. Basically I have read that I have to choose between NGK and Motorcraft. Also all the threads I read were over 2 years old at least. Just want some help choosing. Thanks!
  3. 1986 mustang gt black spark plugs/white smoke/idling

    5.0L Tech
    Hello everyone. I have a 1986 mustang gt 5.0 with some mods. CAI,headers,exhaust,msd ignition,70mm TB. It started blowing white smoke out of the exhause on both sides. Also I pulled the spark plugs and the we're black. And also it's idling a lot. Sounds pretty weird also. I need help. WHATS...
  4. 1999 Spark Plug Change, Could anyone provide a "step by step?"

    V6 Tech
    I just bought 6 NGK G power platinum spark plugs, and i'm planning on changing my old ones. Not sure when they were last changed because I bought the car used, so thought I would do it in the days to come. I was literally about to dive in, with a socket set alone and change my plugs. I did...
  5. Superseded Motorcraft Spark Plugs Have Longer Threads

    SVT Cobra Tech
    So I ordered Motorcraft Spark Plugs for my 2001 SVT Cobra (using my VIN to get correct part) and here is what I got: Motorcraft SP-433 AGSF32WM Platunum When I pulled the plugs from the block to change, I noticed the plugs appear identical (overall length, size, gap) but had a much shorter cut...
  6. Timing seems to be off ?

    V6 Tech
    Hi everyone, im a newbie to the threads here. I have a 2001 mustang 3.8 auto. I recently pulled the motor and trans due to the fact my wife blew the motor and put the wrong atf into the transmission. The motor that was replace was internally balance and the replacement one was externally...
  7. 2005 Mustang V6 Rough Idle

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey guys! New here and just purchased a 2005 V6 with 155K miles on it. I love it, but it's got some quirks... It has a pretty significant rumble when idling. Needle is steady, but the whole car shakes, sometimes worse than others. Today it threw out a P0301 code (misfire in cylinder #1.) I...
  8. 4.6 spark plugs are fouled on one side

    5.0L Tech
    1995 Ford thunderbird 4.6L pulled out the plugs today after about 30,000 miles motorcraft platinum plugs on bank 2 drivers side all the plugs look great, but on the passenger side especially cylinder 4 in the back the plugs have extreme burn marks almost like the color of rust on just one side...
  9. Changed Spark Plugs... Oil On Threads But NOT Tip

    SVT Cobra Tech
    Changed my plugs today on my 99 cobra. 134,xxx miles. 5 of 8 had oil on the hex and the threads (probably from unscrewing it). It was a good amount too, enough to drip. The three cylinders closest to the firewall on the passenger side however did not have any oil on them. Any ideas? could it...
  10. Power loss or is it me?

    5.0L Tech
    Hello AFM Fam; Well, little known about this 95 GT 5.0 (late father's). Decided to do some research, pops bought wires and I believe did them and plugs on 12-9-2003. Pulled #1 plug, NO CENTER ELECTRODE! Pics attached. So, I got new Bosch Platinum's and warrantied the wires, one was bad. The...
  11. Champion Video Demonstrating the Spark Plug Separation

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Thought it may be useful to some folks... It was to me being my first time changing the spark plugs on my 07' GT.... Yes, my first time!!! Only 34,000 miles on my car but I have heard about the plug breaking/separating issue for a few years and I have finally decided to take the piece of mind of...
  12. Popping Noise Right After Changing Spark Plugs??

    So i decided to change my spark plug on my v6 2002 mustang. I turn it on an when i take off it makes a popping noise but only when i take off the wiring is correct and the gaps on the spark plugs are good too. Does any one know whats going on??
  13. 90k Service time for my 2006 convertible... are coil packs needed?

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hello all, my 2006 V6 'vert will hit 90,000 miles this week. Am pondering what spark plugs & wires to buy. Am also wondering, do I really need to change out the coil pack? Anyone with personal experience please chime in... I'm on vacation next few days and I'm looking forward to some 'alone'...
  14. Quick spark plug question after engine swap

    Classic Tech
    This just occurred to me while searching for ways to improve gas mileage...I swapped in a 5.0 (from a 91 F150) in place of my 289, and with that I changed from the older huge size plugs to the newer, skinnier plug that fit the 5.0 heads. My question is this: what do I set the plug gap at? The...
  15. '89 Gt ticking and smoke from spark plugs?

    5.0L Talk
    Okay so for some background, I was replacing the header gasket because the original had finally blew out. While getting the headers off I removed each of the spark plugs, that were in the way. (5,6,7) I marked each one to make sure I wouldn't confuse them. Number 7 gave me a little trouble, but...
  16. 2007 Mustang GT spark plug replacement

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I have researched on the removal and replacement of the factory spark plugs that came in my 2007 GT. I have purchased replacements and would appreciate any and all suggestions that may be offered. If anyone has insite to the use of the removal tool for broken plugs this may also help me in this...
  17. Stutter when accelerating. Misfire? 2000 GT

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 2000 Mustang GT with 152,000 miles and a manual tranny. About 5 months ago, I was having this problem of a stutter when under medium to heavy acceleration. It did it more when it was revving lower than higher. The CEL finally came on saying I had a misfire (this was the 2nd time I've...
  18. 1997 Mustang v6/3.8L correct spark plugs?

    V6 Tech
    Hey all, I just ordered some Motorcraft spark plugs part number-AWSF44CBK and I was wondering if these would work on my 1997 Mustang base V6/3.8L. Apparently these spark plugs are listed as a new part on the site, they have a shorter thread than other spark plugs ive seen. Heres a link of where...
  19. simple change of plugs to getting towed

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    so changing my spark plugs today every one went in and came out nicely except for one................ spark plug for cylinder 2 is going in crooked and wont screw in all the way. pretty sure its stripped somehow. i dont trust myself using a tap so im probly gonna have it towed. input...
  20. 2002 Mustang Coil & Cables: PROBLEM - rough running

    V6 Tech
    Ford Mustang v6 3.8L 2002 I was told at the shop that my wires and plugs needed to be changed (again – 3rd time in 3 years) as well as the coil. I couldn’t afford to have the work done at the shop, so I purchased items online at · MSD Super Conductor 8.5mm Spark Plug...