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  1. Classic Talk
    I recently purchased a 1972 Mach 1 Mustang shell. I’ve done all the research I can online with the VIN number and build codes. so far I’ve found out it’s a Mach 1, silver and black, black interior, 351C 2b Ram Air with a 3 speed manual that also came with factory AC. I’m wondering if there’s...
  2. Classic Tech
    Looking for this measurement on a 64 Mustang we are restoring..the opening on the rear quarter window..please see attachment...hope this works.. factory specs would help...both window channels are measuring different.
  3. SVT Cobra Tech
    I purchased a used JBA o/r hpipe for cheap but it doesn't have the hardware. I called JBA but they keep sending me in circles to different people. Does anyone here know the nut/bolt specs? also, do you think some cut-it-yourself gasket with some dabs of liquid gasket will work ok?
  4. 4.6L Talk
    Introduction This is what I have learned from forums, books, and personal experience. If there is anything you want to contribute, or anything inaccurate. Please let me know. This is a guide for people looking for ideas, knowledge, or just want to learn something new. :smartass: :bigthumbsup...
  5. V6 Tech
    Hi guys, been a while since i posted something. I'm looking into selling my 3.9 v6 and buying a gt. My question is, will the rims i have now (stock 16's off my v6) will they fit on a gt? Cause i already have 8 rims, 4 with summers and 4 with snows. id sell the summers with the car but want to...
  6. Classic Tech
    Hi, I've been getting mixed results in my search for the specs on a 1967 Mustang coupe with a 289ci V-8 motor in it, I was just wondering if anyone could give me a complete and correct list of specs. Thank you, much appreciated
  7. 2011-2014 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey Everyone, I am getting a 2012 coming in sometime around Feb… does anyone know of any new features? Has the Nav. System been upgraded to MyTouch? Will there be an upgrade to update you old systems to MyTouch? Is there any new interior or exterior changes with the 2012? I am getting the 5.0...
  8. 5.0L Tech
    i need torque specs for a 1987 mustang gt on the heads,and headers,and intake manifold specs i would really be gratefull if yall could give thet to me
  9. Superchargers+Turbochargers
    Forced Induction Specs: Stock 2005-2009 Mustang GT ~ assumed with 300 RWHP (Explanation to charts below the information) Actual results will vary. Data based off of company's advertised info. Most horsepower numbers are from dynos; most stock Mustangs have 260-280 hp to the wheels stock, so hp/$...
  10. 5.0L Tech
    i took my block to the machine shop and they said after honing the block it would be .005 over! My question is could i go back stock and what would happen if i did?
  11. 2.3L Talk
    Any one knoe the specs on the size of the trunk height length width ect designing a ported sub encloser for a guy at work... also if i take the braceing out from be hind the seat to slide it in an i drilll holes to bolt it back in willl it be stucktrly stornd or does it have to be weldid cause...
1-11 of 11 Results