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speedometer gear

  1. speedometer help

    2.3L Tech
    Hey Guys, My speedometer just stopped working but afew months before it did my speed was off by 10 to 15mph when I thought I was doing 55 i was doing 45 and 65 was 55 but doing what I see as 80 it really is 65mph the speedomter was close to right when it was a automatic but that went out and I...
  2. 1988 coupe not sending signal to speedometer?

    5.0L Tech
    I'm having problems with my speedometer. It worked when I drove the car to calibrate it, but hasn't moved from 0 mph since. It utilizes a hall effect 3 wire sender instead of a cable. Tested the sender by hand, pulses just fine. Reconnected to the harness without putting it in the trans and...
  3. New gears 3.73 AOD trans

    5.0L Tech
    I decided to go from 2.73-3.73 gears and it was a good choice, the engine revs aren't crazy and I fell less strain on the motor, not to mention the fun factor. Now I just need to know what speedometer gear I need to recalibrate the speedometer. It's a AOD transmission
  4. Speedometer not reading at all

    5.0L Tech
    89 GT. I have a speedometer that is not showing any MPH in forward or reverse. I have replaced the cable, the gear to a 23 tooth (373 gears). What do you guys suggest the next step be. Is there any way to test the MPH on the cluster to see if the whole cluster needs to be replaced? Or is there a...
  5. I need help on some gears for my 1995 ford mustang gt

    ok im new to this page and ive been looking around and i see 21t or 23t!im about to install 3.73 gears in 1995 ford mustang gt 5.0 5speed and I need to know what speedometer gear to get like I said ive seen people say 21t and ive seen whick one do I need.someone please help me out.thanks...
  6. Speedometer Gear Problem 1988 5.0

    5.0L Tech
    Ok... so my friend has changed his 1988 5.0 from an automatic to a stick shift. There's a leak of transmission fluid coming up into the gear shifter and pretty much in other spots. One thing he's having problems with is finding out what size little plastic speedometer gear piece to get to fit...
  7. 1968 Mustang Speedometer Trouble

    Classic Tech
    (68 Coupe 302 C4) I just replaced the speedometer cable and gear... everything went as expected. Now when driveing the car the speedometer will only very slowly crawl up to 11 MPH or so and just kinda hang there, even if I stop. I am not sure what to do. I am hoping that the speedometer its self...
  8. 65 mustang speedomoeter gears??

    Classic Tech
    I bought a 65 coupe, I have been trying to get it running again. I found out the 289 motor has 302 heads on it. The car did not have the transmission fluid fill tube nor the speedometer cable. How do I find out exactly what transmission it is and where the tube goes? How do you know the gear...
  9. Speedometer Gear

    Classic Tech
    Can anyone tell me about which gear i need to use in my C6 backed 302. 15in wheels with I think a 3.50 rear?
  10. Speedometer Drive gear for BW t-10

    Classic Tech
    Any ideas as to where I can buy a speedometer drive gear for a Borg Warner T-10? I have a Borg Warner T-10 4 speed transmission that I couldn't get the speedometer to work with. I took the transmission out and apart and found that the speedometer drive gear in the transmission has most of the...