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  1. Spindle removal without spring compressor ok? - brake conversion

    Hi New member here. thanks for the web site! I am replacing my drums with CSRP Granada kit. Before removing the spindles the instructions say to only raise the lower control arm a bit with a jack. I'm just curious if there is any pressure from the springs that may push the lower control...
  2. Spindle lock nut and dust cap

    V6 Tech
    I want to replace the wheel bearings but I cannot find the spindle lock nut at the local auto part stores. Both Advanced and Autozone don't seem to have it. Any ideas where else to look for it other than the dealership ? Those who have replaced the bearings, I am wondering where you guys got...
  3. 1996-1998 front spindles work?

    5.0L Tech
    i have a pair of 96-98 spindles that i want to install i have the calipers and mounting brackets off a 98GT i know about the .330 spacer i need for the balljoint latemodel has the brake hoses that adapt without needing adapters. any problems you guys know of that im gonna run into? i heard they...
  4. Fox Body Mustang Front Spindles

    5.0L Talk
    I have a mustang circle track car with 2.3 motor. Car was originally an 84, bought it used. We use 15+ degrees of camber in the rf . I know that the spindles on a 5.0 are different from the 2.3, what is the difference though and is there one that is easier to give it more camber and also is...