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  1. 2000 V6 Rear end rebuild shopping list?

    V6 Tech
    hello, I want to rebuild the rear end on my 2000 V6. I was planning on getting an 8.8" LSD with 3.73 gears. It's easier to find these parts with 31 splines instead of the stock 28 I have. I also want new axles so i figured I might as well get everything with 31 splines. I know the my drive shaft...
  2. 1968 mustang auto tarns tourqe to trans?

    4.6L Tech
    Hey im 16 rebuilding my first classic 1968 mustang and i need some advice on the small spline of the two splines on the transmission looks as if it has come out a quarter inch?, causeing it to not let the enigine block to snug up the transmission. If so how would i fix that? If that's not the...
  3. Rear axle bent after hit the curb

    4.6L Tech
    Well i just joined the forums. Today some suv cut me off and i fishtailed cause i swerved he left and didint stop to help and i hit the curb with my rear passenger tire and it wobbles like no tomorrow the axle is deffinately bent idk how bad tho you can definately tell its bent when you spin...
  4. Factory 9 inch question

    Classic Tech
    Sorry, I'm kinda a newb when it comes to this stuff. I've got a 72 Fastback 351c 2v FMX with the factory 2.75 geared 28 spline 9 inch in the back. I'm wanting to swap the 3rd member for one with a lower gear and a limited slip. However, if there is one for 31 spline axleshafts should I be...