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  1. Just a girl, wantin to care for my pretty 94 Mustang

    V6 Tech
    Hi everyone, I just bought a 94 Mustang Coupe 6cyl. This is my first Mustang ever, and for the last dozen years or so, I've had a series of ugly cars that I bought to serve whatever purpose that they needed to at that time of my life (lol Minivans when the kids were small etc) I LOVE this...
  2. My 2001 Mustang GT Rear wheel barings are going Bad and I have a few questions?

    4.6L Tech
    Hey everyone. I have a 2001 GT. I am preaty shure my rear wheel bearings are going out. When I am driving and I get above 25mph I hear a squeek that gets louder as I speed up. I have jacked up the rear end and put it on jackstand to run the car and listen for were the sound is coming from. Might...
  3. 1988 Mustang GT squeeking noise from tranny area

    5.0L Tech
    ok here is what i got 88 mustang gt 5.0 5 speed and the starter will make a whinning noise once and awhile when trying to start it and when car is running it will make a squeeking or rubing noise from like bell housing but if i hit brakes good when driving noise will stop
  4. squeeking sound

    5.0L Talk
    When I start my car cold a steady squeek comes from the belt aera and gets louder in higher rpm's. The longer it runs you can only hear it at higer rpm's and not at idle. After driving it for 15-20minutes it begins to go away all together. I changed the belt about three months ago so I dont...
  5. my 2002 Mustang GT has a squeek in neutral, help

    4.6L Tech
    My stang has a bad squeek while in neutral. Tried troubleshooting this for quite some time now im turning to you guys for some help. after start up while in neutral theres a pretty bad squeek. if you rest your foot on the pedal the squeek goes away. You hear the squeek in all gears just not as...
  6. T5 Input Shaft Grease

    2.3L Tech
    Hey peeps, I just put together my new short-term project "Seda" (a thread on this car will be soon to follow, but it is a 1992 hatch with a 1991 2.3L N/A engine and 5 speed) and got it running nicely but have one very annoying issue. I put in a new clutch kit (pilot bearing, PP, disc and...
  7. Bought a 1993 mustang gt... some questions!

    5.0L Talk
    Hey so this will be my intro/question post. I've always wanted a foxbody and I finally found one in the price range I was looking at in decent shape. It's a 1993 Mustang GT with T5 tranny. Finally have a 5spd 5.0! :gringreen I work on my own cars and rarely ever let shops do anything for me, so...