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  1. what cams should i go with on a budget?

    4.6L Talk
    i am wanting aftermarket cams for my car, but its hard to save up enough and buy them, the cheapest ones ive seen are like $589, are there any cheaper good ones out there? I was thinkin stage 2 cams would be nice but starting to look like I can hang it up because I cant afford it right now...
  2. First Time Mustang owner

    I bought my first Mustang this summer and it was a good match. It's a 2014 Roush Stage 2 convertible. It's getting a paint detail at the dealer as we speak. The cover awaits the return of the car as winter is upon us. Once I get the hang of these forums, I'll post some pix.
  3. 2001 5Speed Mustang Roush Convertable Stage 2

    Hi, I'm new to the forums even though I've had an account for a while. I'm just now getting around to finding a buyer for my car, so I can buy a GT. I'm meeting with someone on Sunday about a 2001 Roush Stage 2 with 127,XXX on the dash. It's going for 5,500, and he's informed me the front bottom...
  4. 2011 Roush Stage 2 - What Would You Do Next?

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    Hi folks, Had my Roush for a couple of months now. Looking for suggestions on what to do next. If money wasn't an issue, what upgrades or changes would you make? Thanks Doug
  5. Mustang v6 comp cams?

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Ive tried searching around to see if they have developed stage 1, or stage 2 comp cams for the 4.0 but have had no luck? has anyone seen anything on the topic, or has noone ever made them......comp cams on a v6 would make it sound great with a good exhaust set up...:worship
  6. help with clutch slipping

    5.0L Tech
    Hey everyone, I have a 89 foxbody I recentally did a 302 swap and some other mods done to it. After I finished the swap I took it on the street and the clutch was slipping so I thought it was because of to much power for the stock clutch. I bought a stage 2 clutch put it in and it grabbed but...
  7. 2003 Mustang GT. Installing Cams. Group of Questions.Where to start??

    4.6L Tech
    Sooo I ran out of boltons.. and JUST put MAC Longtube headers on...what next... CAMS! :) I like Hitech Stage 2 Cams..what do you all think? I wanna go stage two. -How much can I expect to pay in parts (incl. the behives and all)?? -What HP gain can I see? -How much can I expect to pay to have...
  8. stage 1 or stage 2 cams

    4.6L Tech
    not sure which cams to get. it's a daily driver so should i get the stage 1 from comp cams? for stage 2 i would have to get a stall converter, im not too familiar with them but im not shure i want to be cruising the streets over 2000rpm. i drive it about 40 miles a day and although gas is about...