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  1. 67 Mustang stalls at autocross finish box

    Road Racing
    Hi, I autocross my 67. It is carbureted with a Quick Fuel/Holley type carb (Hotrod series). When I jam the brakes to stop in the box it stalls. Is there any trick to avoid this? It has a stock fuel pump and I have not adjusted the jets on the carb. Thanks
  2. 66 Mustang stalls when acceleration

    Classic Tech
    Ok my 66 Mustang inline 6 or 6 cylinder when I'm driving it for some reason if like I was to floorboard it,,It try's to die on me it also seems like its missing its getty up anyways today I put new plugs and plug wires in it and it still does the same nothing has changed PLEASE HELP
  3. car just quits!

    5.0L Tech
    Randomly my car just quits like it loses spark. Takes a few seconds and starts right back up. Does it again within 2 to 5 min. I have replaced dizzy, coil, checked grounds and still no luck. Fuel pump works. I have a Crane cams ignition box that has been on the car for 15 years. When the...
  4. 2000 mustang GT (manual) shuts off, stalls while driving, please help!!

    4.6L Talk
    Hi guys i coulnd find no answer anywhere so i hope this helps.. You guys are the mustang geniusus! Well started off like this i was driving like at around 2000 rpm and car just turns off on me? Idk what was wrong but it started up right after like nothing was wrong... Then started driving...
  5. 1968 Mustang Accelerating pump help

    Classic Talk
    Hi, everyone. Disclaimer: I'm new to carbureted engines, so I'm learning as I go! I recently acquired a 1968 289 coupe, and I'm having some minor problems with acceleration. It tries to stall upon initial acceleration from stopped. Sounded like a possible accelerating pump problem, so I...
  6. 2000 Mustang wont stay cranked over

    V6 Tech
    I recently returned from deployment after six months over seas. My mustang wont crank over; only with help of starter fluid and keeping the throttle open will it start. Once it hits under 1.5 rpms it stalls out. I was wondering if anyone would know exactly what could be happening here before I...
  7. Thanks to Ford reps and Apple Ford Columbia, MD

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey Guys and Girls, Here's a tag on what was going on. Basically my 12 GT stalls and loss power at 60mph 4k rpm on 4th gear. CEL flashes and in about 20 sec it let go and...
  8. 1964 1/2 Mustang stalls after running for approximately 20 - 30 seconds.

    Classic Tech
    Little bit of background. I have a 1964 1/2 Mustang Coupe with a V8 and a 4 speed. It was been converted to an electronic ignition about 15 years ago and has never had any issues, everything else is stock. The car had been running great until I went out on a recent drive. About halfway...
  9. 92 2.3 sputters,pings,pops,and stalls on hot days

    2.3L Tech
    Thanks for reading my post.I've got a 1992 mustang lx conv. 2.3 vin m. The car runs good most of the time except in the summer on sunny days when the temp is 90+(this is my second summer with this problem).I'll be driving for 20 mins under regular conditions and my car will start to bogg,then...
  10. A/C and defroster issues, bad idle or stalls when on

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 2000 Mustang GT. When I turn on the A/C or defroster the car idles HORRIBLY (it even revs up and down by itself). Occasionally my car will stall, but not always.
  11. 2001 mustang V6 chokes and stalls after startup

    V6 Tech
    my 2001 v6 3.8 manual mustang convertable stalls imediately after starting. I will stay running as long as i keep pressing the gas but sputters at high rpms. my fuel pressure is good and the filter was replaced less then 6 mo ago. i tuned it up this summer, and replaced the coil pack, the tsp...
  12. troublesome problem with 1998 Mustang gt hard start stalls and wont start anymore!

    4.6L Tech
    hello my name is trevor i have a 1998 ford mustang gt convert. 4.6 v8. it has been modded a bit cai. dual things like that. i bought it and the guy had put a new engine in it a while back and i live in hot vegas soo i know heat may be the cause it had run poor sputtered when i...
  13. 1966 V8 289 CID (stalls out and sputters) Help!

    Classic Tech
    I have a 1966 Mustang Coupe with a 289. I havent driven it for over a month because of the heat and having no a/c. The short of the story is that I went on a night run and after about 10-12miles my car started sputtering. I would gas it and it would sputter, sputter, then go. Shortly after...
  14. 1993 mustang keeps cutting off at stops

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys my 93 mustang {5.0 carbed} keeps cutting off when i stop at redlights and such. It also starts up very rough. I'm not quite sure what it could be. When it dies I still hear the fuel pump running. Most times it DOES NOT start back up. I sat on the road one time for 20 mins before i got...
  15. 1993 mustang 2.3 dies & won't start intermittintly

    2.3L Tech
    I am trying to fix a 1993 mustang 2.3l for an elderly couple at church. The problem first presented as dieing intermittintly & would not start intermittintly. The car would die at a stop light, but would start right up again. Then they would go on a short trip & come out & the car wouldn't...
  16. 1984 mustang 5.0 rebuilt carburetor now dies as soon as started

    5.0L Tech
    My 1984 5.0 was stalling as I was driving down the road. I let it sit a few minutes and it would start again. Definitly a fuel problem, not electrical. getting fuel to the mechanical fuel pump on the side of the engine, the fuel pump is pretty new, but when it stalled there was no fuel in the...
  17. 1984 carbureted 5.0 mustang stalls while driving. Do I need a new carburetor?

    5.0L Tech
    I've had my 1984 5.0 mustang for about six years. For several years it has been stalling out while driving down the road. If I let it sit a few minutes, it will start back up and go for a little bit before doing it again. It used to only do it when going up a hill. Now it does it any time. Any...
  18. 1984 carbureted 5.0 mustang stalls while driving

    5.0L Tech
    My 1984 mustang will stall while I'm driving down the road. It does not matter if it is hot or cold out. Usually after I drive over 15-20 miles. Does not always happen. Used to do it mostly when I was driving uphill, but now it does it just any time. I let it sit on the side of the road a few...
  19. 1988 Mustang GT, wierd trans problem

    5.0L Tech
    alright i got an 88 gt with auto trans i was driveing down the highway wide open so decide to open her up after i while i get to my exit and i pull off to a gas station to get some gas and the car just stalls out so i put it in park and try to start it and feel like the car trying to pull up...
  20. 1989 mustang gas problems

    5.0L Tech
    hello my mustang has recently had the block replaced because the old one was busted, swapped heads, intake, etc., onto the new block which i was told was an 88, after i got the car back from the mechanic it is running very rich while idling and driving, and idles up longer than it should on...