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starter issues

  1. 71 Mustang Starter Diet. Just Eats Them Up.

    Classic Talk
    Once upon a time, I'm getting really frustrated. Where are all those people who want to buy my car right now? When it's a good thing they're not around? Okay. I have a 71 Mustang with a c4 transmission and a 1990 302. Its been running great. A few months ago, my starter broke off. Saved by the...
  2. 66 Coupe starter solenoid problem

    Classic Tech
    I recently got my car back from paint. When I got it back it wasnt running well anymore and was difficult to get it to start. We went ahead and swapped out the points distributor for a duraspark distributor after this the car was running better then ever for about a week or two. So when I tried...
  3. Need help with c4 starter in 1986 mustang 5.0

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    i have an 86 mustang with a c4 transmission and i didn't know i had a c4 till i shipped my other starter for a core. so i need help trying to match a starter to the flywheel i got an 79 and 86 starter but the keep hitting the fly wheel when fully disengaged so if u could help me plz thanks
  4. 67 mustang starter

    Classic Tech
    i have a lot of the things done i need to start it with but when i when to go and start it i can her the starter trying to but for some reason it is not hiting the flywheel and idk why i am pretty sure that the starter is good i bought it brand new from o'reaillys i was wonding if maybe the...
  5. Issues with ignition.....need help/ideas

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Ok im stumped with this one, and by no means am i an idiot with my car, but im fairly certain im overlooking something small... Ive got a 2011 GT...installed a BOSS 302 INTAKE MANIFOLD, BBK LONG PIPE HEADERS/ CATTED X-PIPE, STEEDA CAI, BORLA S-TYPE AXLE BACK, and i have a custom BAMA tune on my...
  6. starter burns up after 3 starts

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 408w and I have burned out 3 starters in 2 days. the first issue was that the sollenoid on the firewall got wet and melted, which kicked in the starter and caused it to burn up. I then replaced the sollenoid and the starter (with a temporary cheap starter from o'reilly's). I started it...
  7. Hello, 1993 Mustang Lx 2.3 will not crank.

    2.3L Tech
    I am new here, and I am stumped on why my Mustang wont crank. I get OBD code 522 "car not in park or neutral when tested." I have replaced the NSS and the starter relay with no effect. I can turn on the key and jump the selinoid to start it. Bought the car 6 years ago. Had to replace the A4LD in...
  8. Starter Issues grinding

    5.0L Tech
    I have A 1993 mustang gt convertible 5speed with a starter issue. My starter will grind on the flywheel after about 10 seconds of trying to start the car. it will start but i can only attempt to start a few seconds at a time. I have no idea of what else to check. i have replaced the starter...
  9. starter cable issues

    4.6L Talk
    i need a positive starter cable for my 97 gt but the cheapest ones i have come across are around 150 bucks yet i can pick up one for a 5.0 for $10. im thinking on just buying the one from a 5.0 and say hey it'll work. just make sure its long enough and the connections are the same. i mean...