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starter motor crank

  1. Slow to no cranking on 1993 5.0L

    5.0L Tech
    I have an 87 LX that was a 4 cyl swapped to a 93 5.0.. I replaced my clutch a few months ago and only drove the car maybe 1,000 miles since then. While I had it all out I rebuilt the starter, bench tested it and it worked great. For a couple months after that the car started up no problem...
  2. 81 Mustang.. Hooked up battery and starter turns without key

    V6 Tech
    Hello i was wondering if anyone has any imformation on this 1981 6 cyl mustang that had a solinoid put in last time it drove, It sat for 6 months and drained the battery, hooked up jumper cables, ground wire started to smoke when i went to turn over, threw a new battery in and as soon as i...
  3. '65 starter not engage to flyweel

    Classic Tech
    Quick question. When turning the ignition key, I hear the starter motor spin, but it does engage to the fly wheel (high rpm electric motor noise only). I took the starter motor out and connected it to an external starter pack (battery). the starter drive spins, but the sprocket does pop out...
  4. Help with diagnosing 1990 Mustang not starting after long storage?

    5.0L Tech
    Hi everyone. A friend (whom I'll call CG) and I are trying to revive his Mustang track car, which has been languishing in his garage for almost 3 years. It was in good running order when he parked it, but would not start after we tried to fire it up this weekend. We tried to jump start the...