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starting problem

  1. Occasional Starting Issue (Need Help)

    4.6L Tech
    Good people, I need some help as I am not as wire savvy as I would like to be. 97 Mustang GT 4.6 SOHC It will start/run strong as long as it wants, it could be a day or it could be 3 months. Every now and then, when I put the key in and turn the power on I won't even get dash lights or I will...
  2. Car Will Not Start

    I have a '94 GT 5.0, and within the past month or so, my mustang has been having starting issues, in the mornings i get in, turn the key and it'll crank and crank and crank and finally it'll turn on. Sometimes i have to crank it 3 or 4 times in order for it to actually turn on, or when it does...
  3. Think my starter is going bad, second opinions please

    2.3L Tech
    PhoenixSheriden's Library | Photobucket the mustang is only having this happen on warm starts. the rpms will flutter and the cranking sounds a little wet to me. I start him cold and hes fine. this only started happening in the last 5 days. when the stang is at operating temp he (thus far) has...
  4. weird starting noise

    Classic Tech
    My 1967 mustang has a 5.0 and t5 swapped in. When I try to start it there is the cranking noise like there should be but then there are a series of loud clanging noises. Any ideas?
  5. 65 Mustang will not Start. Dash lights, accessory lights or headlights do not work.

    Classic Tech
    Recently I pulled my engine to change the manual clutch on my 65 mustang. While I had things disconnected, I installed a new electronic distributor. A couple of weeks ago I put the engine back in and tried starting the car. The engine cranked over and all the electrical systems were fine, in...
  6. Battery posts touched-car wont run right.

    4.6L Tech
    Had a really dumb moment today.. Changed my negative battery cable out and my wrench touched the postive and negative posts creating a spark. I looked inside my car and my keys were not in it, but my radio and sub amp lit up...?I did install a new radio earlier but didn't have that issue.)The...
  7. 1992 Mustang LX 2.3L won't start

    2.3L Tech
    I have a 1992 2.3L LX and am a first time poster. Background on my issue takes a minute, so bear with me... The front Cat. Converter had a hole in it and I had it removed as I had a 3-way converter for my rear cat and it's more efficient. Prior to taking it in to have the front cat removed, the...
  8. Constant Control Relay Module is bad on my 1999 mustang gt

    4.6L Talk
    hey, i was driving home and my car just shut down. the theft light started flashing at me and were the mileage is, there was just lines going across it (no numbers). i took it to a mechanic and he replaced the constant control relay module. it ran great all day and i parked it at sonic and its...
  9. 1966 Mustang with starting problem

    Classic Talk
    i have a 1966 mustang coupe with a 1973 302 engine. i have rebuilt the pointsm replaced distributer wires , spark plugs, coil, all wiring from front to back. i was driving it and pulled up to a store and when i came back out it turned on and sounded like it was not firing right and then i first...
  10. how do i get it to fire up?

    Classic Tech
    hello Pony Riders.. so i have change many of my parts of tune up that i can think of to make my stang start... i got fuel.. new cap and rotors, ignitions coils with a new Edelbrock carb which fuel is going into it just fine.. the car turn over but would not start.. i have no yet change the...
  11. Help--My mustang won't start

    Classic Tech
    Hello everyone! I had my 66 Coupe running over the weekend (after about 3 years of sitting), but the exhaust gasket was blown, so I replaced it. I went to start it back up after the repair and it won't even turn over. I turn the key and it does absolutely nothing. I don't hear a click or...
  12. 1989 Mustang slow to rap after start

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 89 mustang lx and when i get it started it sets at real low rps ( 500 ish) before coming up to 1500 and settle back down to normal idle. Sometimes it doesnt take off but but will hit a few times then die. To me it feels like it might be dumping fuel. O2 going out maybe?
  13. 1996 Mustang Convertable won't start with key

    V6 Tech
    I have a 1996 Mustang Convertable and I have a slight problem.. When I try to start the car by turning the ignition there is nothing but when I hit the remote starter the car turns right over what am I doing wrong ??? Mike
  14. 1997 Mustang gt not starting

    4.6L Tech
    i checked my coils they are working perfectly fine. my engine cranks but will not turn on. i had checked my fuel shut off button and flipped it up and back down. nothing is working. the batter is running perfectly fine. I went to autozone and they told me i had to purchase a crankshaft sensor...
  15. starting problem, starts and won't stop starting

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1989 mustang 5.0 lx This really only happened to me once. And it frankly scared me stupid cuz I was next to a gas pump, I drove into town about 2 miles and it had started raining got gas and started it up. and It first didn't start then I hit the key again and It kept starting, even...
  16. 1967 Mustang won't start hot

    Classic Tech
    I have a 67 6 cyl, 3 spd manual, just installed factory carb w/ auto choke. Starts great, runs great, just about dialed in. However, if it ever stalls hot, it won't fire up unless I get out and manually close the choke plate, then it starts right up. Timing is dead on 6 deg btdc, checked...
  17. just swapped engines and need some help

    Mustang II Talk
    hello i have had my mustang ii for 4 years now and it had a v6, i got ahold of a 302 and swapped out the v6, and put a c4 auto in it, i got everything hooked up and now i dont get spark out the coil, i have tested the coil, ignition module, fuses, power regulator, i get about 10v to the coil and...
  18. 1996 Mustang 4.6 GT Starting Problem

    4.6L Tech
    My 96 GT isn't starting right away like it should, particularly after it's been running/driving. I have to crank it for a second or two, shut the key off, and re-crank to get it started. I hypothesize that it's a fuel delivery problem, perhaps a pinhole or crack in the fuel line. Has anyone...