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starting problems

  1. 1998 Mustang 3.8 Intermittent Starting Problems**Please Help**

    V6 Tech
    Hello... this is my first time posting and hope someone can help! I have a 98 mustang V6 3.8 and I have been having intermittent issues starting the car. *It started with bad battery connections and every now and then it would not crank at all. Then I would jiggle the battery wires and it would...
  2. 1967 Mustang wont start easy hot

    Classic Tech
    Hey Guys, I have just started working on my mustang after it sitting in the garage for seven years. I couldnt believe it, but just some new gas and she came right back to life. But it has a problem where it wont start hot, unless I push the pedal all the way to the floor. If I dont put...
  3. Stuck gear in Starter

    V6 Tech
    My car wasn't starting and turning the ignition key didn't do anything. No noise, nothing. The warning lights/indicators would come on, the blower and wipers worked, so it wasn't the battery. I read somewhere that rocking the car with no e-brake on and it being in gear can release a possible...
  4. Mustang Having Problems Cranking Over - Battery Not Staying Charged.

    V6 Tech
    My starter was dying, the radio would shut off and it had problems charging the battery, and when i had it tested they said i had a dead diode in it. So I replaced it and bought a new battery and I'm still having problems starting my car. I have to put a charged jump box on the battery while...
  5. starting problem :(

    5.0L Tech
    new to the site and have a problem... had my 91 for almost a year never had any pronlems with it has been a dream but just today it wouldnt start.. it was turning over then kinda starting like it wasnt staying running though then all of a sudden started up and was perfect after maybe 30seconds...