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steering noises

  1. 1966 Mustang Wheel Smoking after driving on interstate

    Classic Tech
    On my way to work earlier this week, my car started to handle like it had a flat tire while driving 60-65 down the interstate. I immediately stopped and look around the car. I did not have any flat tire, but i noticed in the passenger side, front wheel, that I had smoke coming out from behind...
  2. 1986 5.0 LX Popping Noise in Front Suspension

    5.0L Tech
    I have noticed a popping noise in my 1986 5.0 LX when I turn the wheel when i am moving forward at about 2 mph or when i am rolling in reverse. It only happens once when i start the car after it has been sitting for a while. The noise sounds like it is coming from the front passengers side. I...