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  1. brake problems 1999 Mustang V6

    V6 Tech
    Hi I own a 91 GT hatch back with a 5 speed in it and a 99 auto V6. First thing is that I'm having a problem with the front drivers side brake on the 99. The brake is dragging and when I have the that tire jacked up off the ground to work on it the wheel doesnt spin freely. I've compressed teh...
  2. Sticking clutch pedal.

    Classic Tech
    Ok guys....I recently had a toploader 4 speed FROM 3 speed swap done on my car. To ensure a job done right and no wear and tear on my older and less strengthly body, I decided to let a local, well known (here at least) Transmission and driveline shop do the R&R for me. I went with (at their...
  3. 1987 5.0 t-top mustang is having the starter hesitate on disengaging, even new parts

    5.0L Tech
    the car: 1987 mustang GT T-top 5.0 speed density the issue : one day it just started doing this. it fired right up just like usual except the starter did not pull itself out of the flywheel immediatly. so for 3-4 seconds you hear the starter gringing in the flywheel and then it CLICK pops the...