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  1. New member in Schweinfurt, Germany

    Brand new member just introducing myself, I am in the Army and live in Schweinfurt Germany, I have a stock 2004 40th Anniv. GT 2 dr coupe black with about 125K miles. I plan on making it kick butt on the Autobahn before I leave here, but I am a noob - there is a DITY shop on base and if i can...
  2. 1993 Mustang GT stock computer issue. Please help

    5.0L Tech
    Hey I own a 1993 Mustang GT. Its all stock with 3:73 gears I just perchased a Holley SysteMax II upper and lower intake with 30lb injectors and a 70mm throttlebody i have gt40 heads a 284r compcam and a powerdyne procharger. Will this setup work with the stock computer? If not how can i get it...
  3. 1995 Mustang convertible, ayuda con la suspension

    Modernos 1974-2007
    Hola amigos de allfordmustangs, como dice el titulo, tengo un mustang 1995 GT, el cual es convertible, llevo desde octubre del año pasado con el, y la verdad el auto esta increible peo he decidido mejorar un poco la suspension (aqui viene la pregunta) ya que el carro lo utilizo para la ciudad, y...
  4. Cobalt ss s/c vs 08 gt

    Kill Stories
    Hey guys,got another kill story.I was a red onto the on-ramp of the freeway,and I see an ss going on,coming from a neighborhood wal like great now i can see how itll do against the light turns green right after he got on,so i play catch up,(he was pretty far ahead already) and do a...