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  1. Oil Change Question

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I changed my oil last summer and only drove roughly 1K miles before I unexpectedly had to park the car, and haven't driven it since. I'm going to be getting the car back on the road, hopefully, and am wondering if the Royal Purple synthetic that I have in the car is still good.
  2. 1966 Sprint 200 Coupe - Getting back on the road after 1.5 years?

    Classic Tech
    Hello AFM, My dad passed away in 2015 and of course I inherited the 1966 Mustang we had been working on off and on over the last 8 years. I'd like to get the car up and running again so that I can figure out what to do with it (I don't think it's financially reasonable to finish the...
  3. What are these red nubs in center storage bin of 2012?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I picked up my first Mustang, a 2012 base V-6 convertible - great car! At the bottom of the center console storage bin are two odd-looking red nubs each in their own little cubby holes. I can't figure out what purpose they serve. Is there some part missing in the storage bin? Here's a...
  4. Bringing 03 GT out of Storage!

    4.6L Talk
    Hey guys, Long time no talk. For those of you who know me, I had my baby garaged for these past 11 months due to a year (or eleven months, haha) of volunteer work at a church in NJ. My time here is coming to an end in less than three weeks, which I am equally dreading and anticipating. I just...
  5. Winter Storage

    4.6L Talk
    Hey guys, I have been storing my Mustang in Florida for a year and a half now while I have been overseas in Norway spending time with family while my father had cancer and working a full time job. I have been over there three times during this period driving it and doing some work on it, but...
  6. Simple Poll: DD or NOT

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Just wondering how our forum members are driving their mustangs? Feel free to share any other relevant info: When do you put it into storage? How do you store it? And for how long? If you're driving it year round, how do protect it from the elements? How often do you wash it? Undercoating...
  7. Storage questions

    4.6L Talk
    So today I found out that the indoor place I was planning on storing my car has no room, and being a broke college student it will be parked outside my house. I live in Vermont and some winters can get really bad. Right now I have it parked on wooden blocks. Should I use or not use a car...
  8. Winter storage tips? 18 inch rims ok?

    V6 Talk
    I am preparing my Mustang for winter storage and was looking to get any helpful tips. Also, it is okay to store the Mustang with its 18 inch rims still on? (the garage is not heated) Thanks, Ryan
  9. 2011 Mustang 5.0 Winter Storage in NW PA, Tips?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Does anyone have some tips for about 5 months of winter storage in a non-heated garage in a climate that averages probably 25-35 degrees during the winter months? I also will generally not have access on any type of normal schedule to start the motor or anything like that. Here is what I...
  10. Questions about reviving a 1975 Mustang II from storage.

    Mustang II Tech
    Hi All, First off, This is my first post here. I just got my 1975 cobra out of storage. It has sat for about 3 years. It's got a 302 in it, with a holly 600 4bbl. I know that carborateur is too big for the motor and I"m going to re-jet it. I did have a few issues that I thought you all...
  11. Winter tires or second car for winter driving?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I'm buying a 2011 Mustang GT this summer, and will be moving to Maryland in October. I have driven in the snow before without much difficulty, and have 20 years of driving experience, so am very experienced behind the wheel. I was wondering what everyone's feeling are about winter driving in a...
  12. winter storage question

    5.0L Talk
    i am getting ready to put the car away for the winter, is there anything that i should do to prepare it for storage?
  13. After winter storage, check engine light now on 96 GT

    4.6L Tech
    Hi everyone. I'm back. I've had the Stang in the garage all winter (I live at 9,300 snowy feet), and I just broke it out today. The battery was disconnected during storage. About the only mods on the car are a K&N air filter, and an OR H pipe exhaust with MIL eliminators. I never saw a...
  14. Storage & After Storage Questions and Tips

    Show & Shine
    Well for me the time has come to store my Mustang away for the coming winter months. Unfortunatly I do not have a garage yet to store it in. So I thought I might pass along some tips of what I do in case some of you out there are doing the same thing. 1. Purchase a good car cover that is...