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straight 6

  1. Classic Tech
    Hallo there, i'am a Mustang owner from Austria. I have an 1965er 170cui straight 6 engine inside my stang (imported in 1966 so i think its the original engine inside) and a problem with the valve setting. I know that there are two typ's of this engine in relation to the rocker arm/lifter...
  2. Classic Talk
    Hey all, I proudly drive my Sprint 200. I feel no need for a V8. I like where my mustang is now because it's an awesome cruiser. However, I noticed something the other day that has left me feeling incomplete. 65-66 Mustangs that had a 289 got a little 289 badge to put on their fenders. There...
  3. Classic Tech
    ok i am having car trouble with my 65 mustang it has a straight 6 (200) and it idles good and run good until i hit the gas it struggles to go over 40 mph it hits 40 but it struggles to go over that . it makes a buffering noise when i try to go over that and it gets me aggravated so please help
  4. Classic Talk
    Hi guys, I've got a 66 mustang with the 200 ci straight 6 cylinder. It is in need of being rebuilt. I'm wondering if you all might know where I could find a good rebuild kit that's reasonably priced. I'm a college student, so money's tight. I would like to make some horsepower gains also if...