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    Roller 302 Machined Block Scat Cast Steel 3.400 Crankshaft Scat Forged Steel I Beam Connecting Rods 5.400 Probe SRS 2618 Forged Pistons (Flat, TFS) 4.030 Perfect Circle Moly File Fit Rings Clevite 77 Main Bearings Clevite 77 Rod Bearings Clevite 77 Cam Bearings Screw in Oil Galley Plugs Fel Pro...
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    i have a 302 stock engine that i bought today. i need help in deciding weather to go with a 331 or a 347 drag motor. i really want to get in the mid 10.s or low 11.s... so far i have afr 205 heads, bbk long tube headers, msd igniton, dont really know what cam i should put in it( anyone know a...