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  1. 1966 Mustang - Engine Won't Start

    Classic Tech
    Hi, I own a 66 Mustang, I6 auto C-4. I recently replaced the alternator, ignition switch, starter, and starter solenoid. Everytime I try and start the car, the starter motor stays stuck to the point where it sounds like the car is at full throttle without even depressing the accelerator. I...
  2. 2001 e brake light turning on and off

    4.6L Tech
    At about 0-20 e-brake light is turns on then at 20 turns off but if you step on it the light turns on again. My e-brake is disengaged. Brake fluid is fine. I notice a slight smell of something burnt towards the rear driver side tire. Would this mean that my brake is engaged and stuck? If so how...
  3. 2000 Mustang Automatic: Transmission stuck in first gear!

    V6 Tech
    I've had my v6 for about 3 years now and this is the first inkling of any transmission problem I've had. I was driving home the other night when I got off the highway and slowed down to drop off a friend. I attempted to put the car in park, but the shifter decided to move freely between every...
  4. 66 Mustang front brake drum rusted to shoes

    Classic Tech
    Hi all, this is my 'new guy here' intro but I want to be direct to the point. I have a stuck drum front right so I have tried all fluids to free - no luck, unbolted the cylinder and drilled out the pins holding the shoes and removed the spindle nut and bearings but the drum will not turn or...
  5. 1969 heater stuck on defrost

    Classic Tech
    Hello. I have a 1969 Candy Red convertible I bought last week. The heater control seems to be stuck on defrost. So much so that a p.o. bent the heck out of the control lever. I have done a lot of searching but can't seem to find a solution to my problem. I have taken the dash apart and have...
  6. 02 Convertbile - Quarter Glass Questions

    V6 Tech
    Hey guys, Got a couple of issues that I'm not finding much information on; hoping someone here can help. First problem: Passenger side quarter glass won't roll up all the way when the top is up. If the top is down, it goes up all on it's own with slight resistance, but when the top is up...
  7. Glove Box Stuck Shut. Not Locked.

    5.0L Tech
    Please help, my 89 convertible is getting low on fuel and I can't get to the fuel door button because something is keeping the glove box latch from releasing. When I pull on the handle it moves, but does not work. Maybe some papers got jammed in there? I can actually get to the button with a key...
  8. Mustang 2010 V6 Gear Shift Problem

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Greetings from Saudi Arabia, I'm having a problem with my 2010 V6 4.0L Ford Mustang (manual). The gear gets stuck when I try to shift especially from neutral to first and from first to second gear. I have changed the clutch but the problem remains. I've noticed difficulty in shifting since I...
  9. How To Break A Wheel Spacer Nut?? Please help!

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey guys, I had H&R 25mm wheel spacers put on my car to clear my brembo brake calipers. The dealership must have used an impact gun to put the bolts on because one of them is impossible to get off. I am trying to remove them to see if 15mm spacers will work. I tried just about everything to...
  10. Transmission re-install problems

    Classic Tech
    Hello Everyone, I just re-installed my 4 speed manual tranny after dropping it to change out the flywheel and I am having major problems! First thing after I installed it complete with the linkage I tested it to see if everything was ok... but I could not get into any gears! I looked under the...
  11. Transmission re-install problems

    Classic Tech
    Hello Everyone, I just re-installed my 4 speed manual transmission after changing the flywheel. After all that fun I re-installed the shift linkage and shift lever, as I tried to shift into gears just to test it out I couldnt get it into any gear. I crawled back under the car.. the linkage is...
  12. autolite 1100 power valve assembly stuck

    Classic Tech
    Does anyone have any advice on how to fix a Autolite 1100 1v carburetor with a power valve assembly that gets stuck in the up/depressed position? details/hints: I have my dad's 67 Mustang with 200 six and rebuilt the carburetor in 2009, 2 time in 40 years. The problem is that there is no fuel...
  13. 1996 3.8 mustang manual transmission stuck in 4th

    V6 Tech
    For about 3 weeks i had problems getting into and out of gears but it was very off and on that it would do this. Then it became stuck in 4th gear and will not come out. It will drive fine when in range of 4th gear and the clutch pedal will still put it in neutral. I have a B&M shifter. I have...
  14. 1997 GT Parking Brake Sticky

    4.6L Tech
    I'm not entirely sure how long this has been going on, but my parking brake has issues. Either the springs aren't strong enough, or the cable is stuck, but the driver's side brake seems to stay almost all the way engaged. The other side works fine, but is not enough to actually hold the car. So...
  15. How stupid am I

    V6 Talk
    2003 6cyl coupe So today i went to swap out my coil pack. Easy job naturally some one was touching my freaking tools so I used a screwdriver ratchet. of course to remove the top tight screw i need a ratchet since the screwdriver isnt deep enough. Instead of getting mad and aksing my household...
  16. Ford Mustang Seat Belt Stuck!

    4.6L Tech
    Hey again, this isn't anything serious, but it is if my friends and i get pulled over. See my passenger rear seat belt is stuck in full retract and i cant get it to budge, its a real pain when im trying to put the backseat back in. any ideas?
  17. 04 GT Drivers side lock stuck?

    4.6L Talk
    I was at the gas station, and noticed my drivers side lock would move, but wouldn't stick in the lock position? How can I fix this?
  18. Stuck gear in Starter

    V6 Tech
    My car wasn't starting and turning the ignition key didn't do anything. No noise, nothing. The warning lights/indicators would come on, the blower and wipers worked, so it wasn't the battery. I read somewhere that rocking the car with no e-brake on and it being in gear can release a possible...
  19. 1985 mustang stuck clutch pedal

    5.0L Tech
    i've got an '85 and the clutch pedal won't go down to release the clutch. we were driving it beforehand, and the clutch was working fine, with no problems of depressing it, or gear changes. when i shut it off, and went to start it again, the clutch pedal was stuck and wouldn't go down, not even...
  20. hard to go into first or second gear sometimes

    5.0L Tech
    somtimes in my mustang its hard to go into first or second gear somtimes it wont even go in at all ,but if i pump the clutch up and down 2-3 times it will go right in, this happens about every 10 stop sighs and when im doin donuts in first and slam it into second it somtines wont go in at all...