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  1. Vortech Supercharger Help

    Hello everyone! This is my first post so, bear with me. I bought a 2005 V6 mustang two summers ago with 51,500 miles on it. What it also had on it was a V-2 Vortech supercharger with the Air to Water intercooler and it is the High Output system. As I have been driving it I have noticed the...
  2. Hello from Florissant Mo,2007 Mustang V6

    Hi I'm in Florissant ,Mo have a 2007 V6 with S/C going to add I/Cooler soon. I know V6 right well this one has proven it self a few times already. have raced two cars when they see its a six love the expressions!
  3. Transplanting a 1995 T-Bird SC motor into my 1996 Mustang 3.8

    V6 Talk
    So here is the details... I have a 1996 3.8 Mustang that I am putting a fully rebuilt 1995 Thunderbird SC 3.8 in. At the moment I am puting the bottom end of the motor back together and am trying to map out all the parts I will need and problems I will run into during this swap. Has anyone on...