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  1. SVO Foglight Switch Repair and Relay Mod

    2.3L Tech
    It is common for the foglight switches to basically melt since someone at Ford had decided running all the fog light current through the switch would probably save them a few pennies over putting relay in. Before throwing away the switch, you can rebuild them and replace the 12V bulb with an...
  2. New but not really new

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I just noticed that I've been on this site sine 2007 or 08 and I only have 3 posts. Hhahaha Well I'm going to try and be a little more active so here goes my short intro. Been into mustangs for many years and other cars and trucks. Everything I own gets modified one way or another...
  3. 1984 SVO random misfire. Help me plz

    2.3L Tech
    Hi, Sorry if this is to long below. I'm having a few issues with my SVO. I have a 84 mustang SVO, It has the 2.3l turbo motor. It has a misfire at idle. It also misfires when you rev it to 3500rpm or 4000rpm. it goes lean and back to rich on the Air/fuel gauge when it misfires. Its a random...
  4. Ebay SVO 1996-2004 Supercharger Kit

    4.6L Talk
    found this on Ebay and it's the first ive heard of it. didn't SVO get swapped to SVT after the fox platform? really curious about it and will it fit the newer PI 2v heads? looks like it's off a 96...
  5. High vs low impedence injector size with holset

    Wheels and Tires
    Just wondering what size/good injectors to get for my 2.3 turbo has a holset hx35 i heard of injector dynamics 1000cc injectors goal is around 500hp
  6. 5.0 gt swap for 2.3 turbo

    2.3L Tech
    I asked the 5.0 guys now i want yalls opinions . i want to swap a 5.0 HO. for a 2.3 svo (turbo) . my 5.0 has 200k+ miles and just doesn't seem to have the pull its supposed. to. so if i swap it for a 2.3 turbo. and trick it out what kind of rear should i put on it and how will the gas mileage...
  7. 2.3 turbo budget performance mods

    2.3L Tech
    im building a turbo ranger and need some help squeezing some more power out of the new motor my donor car is a 1988 Thunderbird turbo coupe im using a t5 trans and a 3.55:1(i do belive) rear end, im also thinking about using a trac-lock rearend if i can find one to fit if i remember correctly...
  8. LA3 to put into my SVO

    2.3L Tech
    Hello I just got a 1984 SVO and was wondering if any one could tell me what cars i can pull an LA3 ecu out of to put into my car. Thanks
  9. 1987 Mustang turbo coupe flashes code 34

    2.3L Tech
    my turbo coupe wont rev past 3500 while driving, i ran the codes and it flashes out 34 which is insufficient egr flow, could that be the reason i cant go past 3500 while driving, when im idling it will rev where ever i want, ive replace the cap and rotor, fuel pump, fuel filter, plugs and wires...
  10. 1987 Thunderbird turbo coupe wont idle

    2.3L Tech
    i just bought an 87 turbo coupe it still has the ihi turbo, when i got it the turbo and the intercooler were off the car. needless to say i put it all back together but now when i start it it wont idle. i can give it gas and keep it running but if i let off the gas around 1000 rpms it just dies...
  11. 2.3T intake and exhaust manifold porting??

    2.3L Tech
    Ok I have a 85 svo motor... Ive recently purchased a e-6 manifold an turbo off a 88' Turbo coupe. Im goin to put new gaskets in the motor clean it up,install a cam an stuff for now. Im just curious is porting the e-6 an upper intake manifold a big help? I know it creates less restrictive flow...
  12. Help with my swap, 1987 Turbo Coupe to a 1984 SVO

    2.3L Tech
    so i have almost an entire 1987 thunderbird turbo coupe that ran but it got smashed in ann arbor and it would cost more to repair than its worth. However i just bought a 1984 SVO with the same 2.3 turbo motor and was wondering if u guys could help me decide what to swap, just need a good idea of...
  13. SVO idle problem, maybe more

    2.3L Tech
    i have a 1984 mustang 2.3L svo and i just had to replace the auxillary shaft and the distributor because the teeth in both just got chewed up, while i was at it i swaped the turbo from my 1987 ford thunderbird turbo coupe and put it in my SVO because i was told the turbo was bad. but other than...
  14. need help with turbo coupe swap into lx

    2.3L Tech
    im fixing to get my hands on a turbo coupe motor with the ecu wiring harness everything basically to install into a mustang lx but im thinking it would be to much of a hassel to swap a fuel injected motor into another car. i was wondering if you guys would think if i converted it to a carburated...
  15. SVO Intake Manifold

    2.3L Tech
    I have my 2.3L Mustang EFI, will this fit/be a straight bolt on to my car or no? Intake Manifold & Throttle Body 91 Ford Mustang 2.3 SVO: eBay Motors (item 280518507733 end time Jul-08-10 12:04:46 PDT)
  16. Best Head Bolts for SVO 2.3?

    2.3L Tech
    I recently ordered head bolts for my 85.5 svo engine from summit racing. The bolts were described to work for ALL 2.3 engines from 74-93. I put my head on the block and dropped the bolts into the holes to realize that the thread on the old bolts were 1/3 the length of the new bolts so i now...
  17. 1984 SVO Mustang

    2.3L Tech
    I'm looking at buying a 1984 SVO mustang and i was wondering if id be able to hook up a 1986 svo ecu to the 1984 svo because i want my soon to be svo to have the same power as the 1986 svo and i know i need the wilder camshaft also,so im wondering is it possible? and if so where would i find...
  18. N/A vs. SVO head

    2.3L Tech
    is there any significant difference between the 2.3 n/a head and the 2.3 svo heads? bigger valves ect. ? thanks, ryan
  19. SVO Intake Set-Up

    2.3L Tech
    hey i just got an svo upper and lower intake with all the sensors and everything still attatched. has anyone ran svo upper and lower intakes on a n/a 2.3? if so any hp gains or smoother running? i also got the svo tb still attatched to the upper but currently have a stock 5.0. tb on my upper...
  20. Warner-ISHI in an 84 SVO

    2.3L Tech
    I was having problems with the T3 in my SVO and wanted to get a new one. I found a turbo on craigslist for 50$ that the guy claimed was for an SVO. I drove an hour to his place and it was this ISHI turbo. I figured it wouldn't be too bad to swap in so I took it. I want to plumb my system to take...