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  1. Ford Will Stick With Your Fox-Body, Reprinting Window Stickers for Owners Who Want it All

    Classic Talk
    Disappointed that you don't have the window sticker for your old Mustang? The very last thing you needed to make it just like it was when it left the factory after countless hours spent restoring it? Well, Ford's launched a new service that will let you print another one to help make your show...
  2. Rare Rides: The Original Ford SVT Lightning From 1993

    Rare Rides is a regular column about unusual cars for sale published by our sister site, The Truth About Cars. For more Rare Rides and other great reporting, check out . Today’s Rare Ride is a first-generation SVT Lightning from the first year of production. Let’s find...
  3. Blown MUSTANGS on the Road Course

    Road Racing
    From the DaSilva Racing Customer Appreciation Track Day, August 31, 2017 1️⃣ - Terminator Swapped Fox Body with WHIPPLE 1️⃣ - VMP TVS Terminator 1️⃣ - VMP TVS SHELBY
  4. 2001 svt high idle

    SVT Cobra Tech
    i have a little of a problem, my car idles at 1200 rpm and stays there very rare that it idles at 1000 or less. what can in be ? i already chance iac, and tps also when breaking the car rev don't come down only after it finally stops. huh.gif
  5. How much paint is need to paint my cobra?

    SVT Cobra Tech
    I have a 99 Cobra convertible black that was recently part of a hit and run and now i have to paint it. facepalm2.gif My question is how much paint does the 99 convertible call for? Thanks guys
  6. 94/95 cobra 73mm vortech/c&l maf jumper wire?

    SVT Cobra Tech
    I just recently installed a 73mm vortech maf on my car. I put a 24lb. sample tube on it, and when i went for a test drive the car felt like it had no power. If i gradually give it gas, it would rev fine, but when i floored it the car just sputtered and made a weird noise and didnt want to go at...
  7. 1999 Cobra Covertible Rear Window Issue

    SVT Cobra Tech
    Folks, I am having an issue with the right rear window on my 1999 Cobra Covertible. The window does not want to come up on its own. Sometimes it makes it all the way up, but is really slow. Sometimes I need to actually pull it while hitting the power button. I did a cursory look and it looks...
  8. 96 cobra making strange sound, any ideas?

    SVT Cobra Tech
    For a few months now my 96 Cobra has been making a strange clanking sound. It sounds like hard metal or maybe even hard plastic rattling around. Nothing looked loose, i even got under the car and tried to give things a little shake, but nothing moved. If anyone has any ideas as to what this...
  9. looking/wanting to buy a cobra svt terminator or mach 1!

    SVT Cobra Talk
    I have become interested in the svt cobras i think they are freaking sweet as heck! I have a 2000 gt but i just want that stock supercharger. I also am interested in the mach 1 mustangs i love the induction system on the top. But if anyone is selling a supercharger or a mach 1 shaker system i...
  10. Beautiful and loud GT500 1/4 mile

    Drag Racing
    Hello everyone just wanted to share another video from test and tune of a beautiful Gt500 i spotted laying down a very clean run. Enjoy, Shelby GT500 vs fox body 5.0 mustang 1/4 mile - YouTube Thanks for watching, :wavey -AutoHaven
  11. can i put 95 cobra parts in 93 notchback?

    5.0L Tech
    im thinking of buying a 95 cobra and putting all suspension,engine, and fuel system in a 90-93 notchback. can it be done? and what else will i need? i will have entire 95 cobra so beside parts that i can pull out what else will i need?
  12. 1995 cobra 5.0 only runs with maf unpluged. please help

    Drag Racing
    i have a 1995 svt cobra. when i can actually get it to run with the maf plugged it it dies out when i give it throttle. unplugged it runs better but not great. everything is stock and i have already replaced parts. maf (twice), engine wiring harness, idle air control valve, and the relay control...
  13. 03 cobra mileage vs price

    SVT Cobra Talk
    Wanna buy a very nice 03 cobra that I found for $16,000 but it has 81,000 miles on it Do you guys think that's a little to high miles for that engine or what? I don't know much about those engines
  14. SVT fuel pump question

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys. I am installing a svt focus pump in my 04 GT and have a question. When putting the pump in the mustang I noticed that the connecters are backwards from each other. What I am wanting to know is that if I cut the old conecter from the car and wire the svt connecter onto the harness for...
  15. Looking for a 1994-2001 SVT Cobra.

    SVT Cobra Talk
    I am Looking to trade in my 1998 V6 convirtible for a 1994-2001 SVT Cobra. I just wanted to know if there was anything i should know about those years before i get too far into I.E. the Pros and Cons or any major problems a certain year might have i should know about first. Also is the SVT Cobra...
  16. 1996 cobra mustang cooling problems after putting steeda pulleys

    SVT Cobra Talk
    So I put some steeda underdrive pulleys on my 1996 cobra and it never had heating problems before the pulleys starting to get hot out here in Sacramento California so I turned on the ac and I started noticing the heat gauge go up.....anyone else have these problems with streeda pulleys or car ??
  17. SVT guage cluster on GT

    4.6L Tech
    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone knows if the guage cluster from an 03-04 cobra will replace the factory GT guages in my car. I would also like to be able to use the boost guage for my supercharger as well if this is not to much trouble. Thanks.
  18. SVT guages on GT

    4.6L Tech
    Hey all. I was wondering if anyone knows if the guage cluster from an 03-04 cobra will replace my stock cluster from my 04 gt? I would also like to be able to use the svt boost guage for my supercharger as well on the cluster if possible. Thanks
  19. 2001 Cobra with Electric Cutouts

    SVT Cobra Tech
    Soon I plan to buy a 01 cobra. I have always loved exhaust cutouts, and as I am looking into exhaust options I see they come up very rarely. Not only do I like them because of the badassness, it creates a different sound compared to that classic mustang exhaust note everybody has. I have looked...
  20. Cammed svt cobra

    SVT Cobra Tech
    Soon I plan to get a 99 or 01 mustang cobra. Over the past couple months I have been looking over modifications to give this car better performance and make it unique. One mod I have noticed is a camshaft. I kinda understand what it does, but I notice that there is a strong performance gain from...