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  1. Front sway bar fit

    Classic Tech
    I'm in the process of putting a 302 into my '68 coupe. To account for the weight and torque, I've beefed up the suspension all around to include new coil springs and a front sway bar. I had to cut the coil springs down to find the right height for the front end but now the sway bar seems to...
  2. 3/4" Rear Sway Bar Opinions

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, I am contemplating a 3/4" rear sway bar. I have on the '65 subframe connectors, a 1 inch front sway bar, gas a just shocks all around, 1 inch 620# lowering springs up front and 1 inch lowering leafs in the back, etc. I am hoping for your opinions on running a rear sway bar on a car...
  3. 1965 Mustang Rear Sway Bar Opinions

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, I want a rear sway bar, I've got a 1 inch sway bar up front, subframe connectors, KYB Gas-A-Just shocks, 1 inch lowering springs (620# up front and lowering leaf springs in the back), poly bushings, etc, but I am unsure about a few things: stiffness, are they worth it, benefits...
  4. 1965 Mustang Rear Sway Bar

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, So I've been contemplating putting a rear sway bar (3/4 inch) on the car. I already have a 1 inch bar in the front and its great. I am wondering however if the rear bar will aid in the overall stability of the car, not just the cornering ability. Anyone have any experience with rear...
  5. 1965 Mustang Front Sway Bar

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, I want to go with a bigger sway bar for the handling benefits. However, I am unsure with what size to go with, car is a weekend cruiser and is not tracked. Was wondering to hear your experiences with different sized sway bars. I've been thinking about the Addco 1" but I dont know if...
  6. Addco 1" Front Sway Bar Question

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, I'm looking to install a 1" front sway bar on my 65 mustang. I was wondering about any clearance issues since my car has a 351w in it. Thanks.
  7. Sway Bar Bushing Size?

    4.6L Tech
    Does anyone know the size/diameter of the Bushings on the Front Sway Bar? Mine are cracked and probably the originals.
  8. Worth doing Bumpsteer and Balljoints with FRPP B springs?

    5.0L Talk
    I'm planning on lowering my 95 GT with FRPP B springs (~1"-1.25"), along with new Koni shocks/struts and steeda CC plates (taking it to a shop to get the work done). Any opinions on if I ought to get the steeda bumpsteer and X2 balljoint kits installed at the same time? What about a Steeda front...
  9. Installed New Sway Bar - Need Help!

    Mustang Tech
    Hey all! I am new to this forum, I have read plenty of posts on here and gotten some great info.. Now I've got a question! I have a 2000 V6 Stang, and I just replaced my front sway bar with a beefier Eibach bar (from the Anti-Roll kit). To paint a quick picture, the bar is held to the frame by...
  10. 2001 Mustang Bullitt help!

    Hey everybody! My boyfriend drives a 2001 Bullitt and his birthday is coming up really soon and I wanna get him something for his car obviously! But I need some help on what to get, where to get it, and what brands are the best. I know he said something about a "line lock kit" but I am...
  11. 2010 mustang v6 from sway bar mod

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I have a 2010 mustang v6, with a few light mods (working myself towards a tuner in the next month or so), and I was wondering if I could install a front sway bar off of a 05-09 gt to improve handling and help to eliminate understeer during autocross? A shop in my town is selling a fresh take off...
  12. 2011 Mustang V6 Suspension?

    Mustang GT500
    Hi i recently bought a 2011 mustang and i noticed when driving on the interstate at speeds of around 70 to 80 when I hit a bump the car gets real squirmy. It almost feels like the rear end is getting loose from under me. Has this happened to anyone and do you know what could be the cause of this?
  13. 2008 Mustang GT - Help with front end clunk

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I have 36k miles on my car. Before I lowered it, there was clunk in the front end whenever I was driving slow down a road that has small bumps or uneven concrete seams. This happened primarily on the the passenger side when no passenger was in the car. Now that I am lowered the sound is more...
  14. 408 Fox Wheels 18x10s

    5.0L Tech
    Can I fit 18x10 on the rear of my 92 fox?!?!?!? I know I have to remove the Quad shocks... I hear that 17s are the biggest?!? the back spaceing is I think 6.5" I know that when I tried before the tire rubed on the exhaust. The car is in the body shop now with no motor.. And I bought a Maximum...
  15. handling advide for a foxbody

    5.0L Tech
    hey guys im looking to spend a grand on handling i would probably start with sub frame connectors, a strut tower brace, and a k member brace thats 1000-300= $700 left to spend then i need dampers, springs, and anti roll bars witch ones are good i was thinking the bullit springs and tokico or...
  16. 2004 Mustang GT Sway bar swap to a cobra sway it a good idea?

    4.6L Tech
    Hi, This is my first time here and I'm loving it. Please if anyone have knowledge about this let me know. I have a chance to get a sway bar and a tower brace from an 04 cobra for $80 My question is if its a good idea to swap them tor the stock one in my 04 GT? Thanks.
  17. 2007 Mustang GT sway-bar going onto 2005 Mustang V6

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Happy Halloween to all members!! I recently bought a 07 GT rear sway bar, and am wanting to put it on my 05 coupe. Now I know it will fit, but I don't have any hardware. There hasn't been one on the 05 from the factory. When I looked the nuts and bolts up in the Ford book, for these 12 pieces...
  18. Mustang Front Link Kit replacement

    V6 Tech
    Hey all. I have a 1999 v6 and im getting all kinds of knock and squeaks from the fron end. I was told i need to have my sway bar links replaced. It looks very simple. Can in one provide insight on this swap. Thanks
  19. late 1997 sway bar?

    V6 Tech
    i have a late year 1997 v6 and it lacks a rear sway bar, i know the rear should be softer than the front but i don't know if the front is hollow or solid. any help would be appreciated. i was looking at this bar Summit SUM-720222 - Summit® Sway Bars –
  20. 1996 Mustang GT just purchased with a few problems, need some help.

    4.6L Tech
    Hello everyone I just purchased a 1996 Mustanf GT. New to the Mustang. After driving down my dirt driveway it made a few noises, found brake pads are loose, rear sway bar is broken, A/C does not work, oil leak around rear of oil pan possibly rear main seal and check engine light came on, and...