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t-5 conversion

  1. T-5 Durability and Modifying a 302

    Classic Tech
    So I'm saving up for the T-5 conversion kit at CJPonyparts. once I get that (fast-forward a year or two) I was looking at the edelbrock 2091 top end kit for my 302 I already have in my car. It should be a good platform because it's just been rebuilt about 4-5k miles ago. the kit says it get's...
  2. What transmission?

    5.0L Tech
    Yes, its me again, asking yet another question for all you mustang experts. (thanks to all for the great answers in the past by the way). The latest question, what transmission should I run in my 1988? It has an AOD right now and when I bought the car I immediatly said "damn, gotta find a...
  3. 1967 manual t-4 to t-5 conversion

    Classic Tech
    You guys are all awesome and I have greatly appreciated your help during this project. I've had another thread going trying to identify the t-4 tranny that I just pulled from my car. While I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to do a $1400 rebuild on that tranny I want to explore my options...
  4. 1995 mustang gt convertible t-5 transmission swap

    5.0L Tech
    hi everybody im new to this whole forum thing and i really need help. i have a 1995 mustang gt covertible and im really tired of driving automatic. so i want to swap the AODE trans with a t-5 trans and i dont know everything going to need to swap it. if anyone has a complete list of everything i...
  5. 1965 Mustang T-5 Conversion Help

    Classic Tech
    Hi I have a 1965 Mustang with a 302 engine. It originally was automatic or still is I should say as of now. My question is I've been reading a lot of articles saying that the best T-5 transmission to use would be out of an 87-93 Mustang. I got my hands on a 1995 Mustang T-5 transmission, can I...