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t5 swap

  1. 1966 Mustang 200ci bellhousing Identification?

    Classic Tech
    Back again to get an answer to what I am sure is an easy question, but I can't find. Doing a t5 swap in my 66 inline 6 and I am buying this kit (unless you can suggest a better kit for less) Classic Inlines Performance Parts - Product Detail It asks for the bell part # How do I find this? I...
  2. 1966 Mustang 200ci Bellhousing?

    Classic Tech
    I am doing my t5 swap, and just found out that 66 has two clutch sizes... (Way to go ford for making things easy...) How do I know what Clutch I need? I am using the original bell housing, and someone said that some have 2 bolt starters have one size clutch and 3 bolt starter has a different...
  3. 1966 Mustang 200ci Clutch Question

    Classic Tech
    I just ordered my t5 for my mustang, now I need a new clutch, I have read that there are two size clutches for the '66, how do I find out which one I need/have? And what would be a good clutch? I am using the original bellhousing with the adapter kit, not the t5 housing. Also should I get the...
  4. 1967 mustang sn95 t5 swap?

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys, just created an account here on, and am glad to be here. anyway... So i currently own a 1967 coupe, with a 351w and a c4 trans. It has always bugged me that i was an automatic, so i keep thinking of cheap ways that i could swap in a stick shift. Today, after...
  5. What do I need for a t5 swap 1966 Mustang?

    Classic Tech
    I have an inline 6, 66 coupe mustang and my 3 speed manual synchros are horrible and the transmission just sucks in general so im going to swap to a t5 from an 89-93. What all do I need? other than a t5 of course Bellhousing, clutch, flywheel, clutch linkage, shifter, adapter plate? im not...
  6. 1967 coupe uncomfortable to drive

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys I know this will sound weird, but I got my 67 mustang able to be driven for the first time in about four years. I have several thoughts I'd like to get opinions on. Is it just that I'm used to a modern car or is this thing really uncomfortable? The steering wheel hits my thighs, when I...
  7. Help with 1966 Inline 6 t5 conversion?

    Classic Tech
    ok, So I have a 66, with the inline 6 motor and have the 3 speed manual transmission. The synchros are absolutely terrible and grinding in every gear and its getting worse. I want to switch to a t5 instead of rebuilding these awful transmissions but I have no idea what i need. Is there a kit...
  8. 1968 Mustang T5 Swap

    Classic Tech
    Just performed a T5 swap using crossmember, adapter kit, etc from modern driveline and the T5 + other parts (I.e. Bell housing, starter) from a 1986 mustang. I have a 302 btw, power brakes, borgeson steering. Installation went smoothly, I got everything in and went for a test drive. I love the...
  9. New here need help and advice t5 swap

    Classic Talk
    Hello everyone I'm ricardo I have a 70 mustang with a 302 c4 transmission and a 9inch rear I am planning a lot of upgrades and one that I am doing research on is for a t5 conversion an help would be appreciated I need to know what parts to get etc thanks again Rick
  10. need a clip

    2.3L Talk
    there is a clip to hold the clutch cable where it connects at the bellhousing. where could I find one of those?
  11. stroker kit and new top end for 1965 289 mustang

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    yo how is everybody doing? Im going to be doing a T5 swap with 3 50 gears in the rear said to myself why not soup up the 289 while im at it. This car needs to be a daily driver because im only 18 years old and this is my only car so gas milaege would be a definite plus but I also want to do...
  12. 1965 289 T5 swap for c4

    Classic Tech
    starting to plan for swapping out the c4 with a t5. How hard is this swap? How long does it take? Im most likely going to be using a hydraulic clutch. Last the rearend gears with the c4 right now are 2.80:1. Would i have to get a new gear ratio right away or could i drive ti a little bit...
  13. 1966 Engine Replacement Options

    Classic Tech
    I recently bought a 1966 Mustang 289 C-Code Coupe with factory air and a C4 auto. I was under the impression it only needed a little work until my mechanic recently informed me that the rod bearings on the engine were going out. Because the transmission and engine are the original components and...
  14. New here, transmission on my mind

    Hey guys, so I just joined here. I have one thing on my mind with my car right now and that is the transmission. A little info before my question: So it's a 1968 Mustang Coupe Sprint. It has a stock 289 and a 3-speed automatic transmission, so I guess it's a C4. It runs perfectly and it's...
  15. 2000 Mustang Transmission swap Auto to 5 speed

    V6 Tech
    Hello! I've decided I've had enough driving my v6 auto and decided to convert it to the T5 5spd. I'm dead set on doing it, and I have the money so please spare the not worth it/pita to do comments. I've searched around on multiple forums for all the information I could find but I still...
  16. Mustang II T5 swap your input is needed

    Mustang II Talk
    Your response is appreciated!!! Currently I am doing a T5 swap in my 76 Cobra. I purchased a Quicktime 6053 bell housing which is very nice and the absolute best option for the swap. There is only 1 snag, the pivot bolt is in the same position as a Mustang II bell housing requiring a 75-78...
  17. Mustang II T5 swap your input needed

    Mustang II Tech
    Your response is appreciated!!! Currently I am doing a T5 swap in my 76 Cobra. I purchased a Quicktime 6053 bell housing which is very nice and the absolute best option for the swap. There is only 1 snag, the pivot bolt is in the same position as a Mustang II bell housing requiring a 75-78...
  18. 1967 mustang with t5 and original linkage

    Classic Tech
    hi im doing a t5 swap in my 67 mustang and im using the original clutch linkage but a t5 bell housing. i bought this block looking thing off modern driveline called a fulcrum adaptor its supposed to mount inside the bellhousing and connect to the fork. was wondering if anyone else put this set...
  19. installing a clutch spring under the dashboard of a 1967

    Classic Tech
    i need help i cant for the life of me get the clutch spring that attaches to the top of the clutch pedal to the frame of the pedal support to stretch and attach. is there some kind of trick to this? its really been giving me trouble the last couple nights.
  20. 5.0 Mustang AOD to T5 swap

    5.0L Tech
    Hey, does anyone know where i can find either a video or step by step instuctions to do a AOD to T5 swap in a fox body stang??:headscratch: Thanks!!:bigthumbsup