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  1. 99-04 tailpipes 2.5"?

    Wheels and Tires
    i was wondering if anyone knows of a place where i can get just tailpipes or if anyone has any to sell
  2. 1997 Mustang-is there a quick fix to a leaking piston ring?

    4.6L Tech
    im pretty sure i have a leaky piston ring. does anyone know a quick fix or a way to temporarly stop it untill i can rebuild my motor? i was thinking thicker oil but im not sure if that will hurt the engine even more or not
  3. Fox Body Exhaust Tips what size??

    5.0L Talk
    hi i have a 90 fox 7 up which has recieved many cosmetic alterations such as a black top and blue paint and no luggage rack... but it still has the interior! I have these ugly what i think are 2.5 inch tailpipes on it and one looks like it was cut with a chainsaw so i am looking for new ones...