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  1. Overheating 302 in a 65 Mustang

    Classic Tech
    I've had my mustang for about 5 years now and I have been through at least 5 radiators in that time, but I recently did a engine swap from a 289 to a 302. While the new motor was put in I also upgraded to a Aluminum radiator with a Electric fan. (I believe the Radiator is two row.) The new...
  2. Grinding/rubbing feeling

    V6 Tech
    Hey guys, this is my first post so please if it's not up to par please excuse me I've got an 03' v6 automatic, not heavily modified but modified nonetheless, its got just a hair over 116,000 on the odometer Lately I've been getting a grinding feeling in the gas pedal. I just replaced the front...
  3. OVERHEATING 2002 Mustang GT!

    Mustang Tech
    Hey everyone, I don't usually get on forums so if I'm in the wrong section I apologize. So here's my dilemma. A couple days ago I was driving home from a buddy's house when all the sudden my AC all the sudden got warmer. I thought it was weird because my AC has always been ice cold. Anyways a...
  4. 2001 4.6L Engine Swap - Help Please

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 2001 Mustang GT that I need to put back on the road QUICK. The motor has been pulled out and has to be rebuilt. In the mean time, I need to know what kind of vehicles I can look for that will be basically same engine and I can get this car going until I figure out what to do with old...
  5. which mods should i do

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I have a 2006 saleen that had the supercharger stole off of it before I got it..I'm looking at investing. Up to 4k in the motor..I've looked at the vortech charger as a option and then the ford racing intake manifold throttle body, cams, cold air and maybe heads don't know which way to go would...
  6. What size bolt holds on the harmonic balancer? 95 v6 Mustang

    V6 Tech
    Dose anyone know the size of the bolt that holds the harmonic balancer onto the crankshaft? The bolt was lost when the harmonic balancer broke off.
  7. 1995 V6 Mustang Harmonic Balancer broke off

    V6 Tech
    The harmonic balancer broke off flush with the timing cover. The sleeve of the harmonic balancer broke off and is still attached to the crank shaft. How can I get it off?
  8. 2005 GT Problems

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    My 2005 mustang GT tach has stoped working; it got stuck for a day and then started working, however it was starting on the wrong RPM (starting on 2 instead of 1).
  9. 1999 Mustang Cobra Bad Spec Stage 2+ clutch

    SVT Cobra Tech
    So I put in a Spec Stage 2+ clutch in my 1999 Cobra and have only been driving on it for less than a hundred miles. All of a sudden the clutch (gave out) it went from a long pedal travel and high friction point to a very short pedal travel and a friction point just about on the floor. The kicker...
  10. 1993 mustang lx shifting problem

    2.3L Talk
    I have a 1993 mustang LX, its an automatic 4cylinder. ( This is my first mustang) when i first bought it, i had to change the rear seal in the driveshaft. Now it has started jerking Hard when taken out of park (reverse or drive) Sometimes i have to pull over when i first start out because it...
  11. 2006 Mustang GT fuel filter change.

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I am trying to change the fuel filter on my 2006 Mustang Gt. I have the disconnect tool and can insert it all the way into the end of the quick connect. Even though I use the tool the fuel line will not disengage from the filter. I have heard that you need to release the built up fuel pressure...
  12. 1995 Mustang GT hp talk

    5.0L Talk
    How to get a stock 1995 mustang to full HP potintial.
  13. Aftermarket Supercharger, OEM Everything. Need Opinions

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I'm running a Procharger (centrifugal supercharger) on ten pounds of boost on my 4.6L V8. I should be making a little over 500 at the flywheel, but I am unsure about the exact number and what I'm making to the wheels as I only have a base map tune and have not put it on a dyno. I'm hoping that a...
  14. Alarm problems. disconnected battery and wouldnt start, and reset doesnt fully work

    4.6L Tech
    Im new to the forum thanks for any help guys. I have a 96 mustang GT. ive searched on here about my alarm problem with no luck. I disconnected the battery for a while and i guess locked up the alarm system. The car wouldnt start and the remote was unresponsive. I found a forum saying to press...
  15. my 2002 Mustang gt mustang dies randomly???

    4.6L Tech
    i bought the car at 50k miles about 6 months ago. ever since, once a month i will be driving and all of a sudden the engine just dies. it doesnt make all kinds of noise, no sputtering or vibrating or anything, it just dies. ive noticed that it ALWAYS happens within around 4 to 5 seconds just...
  16. Question on 1995 Mustang Headgasket Issue

    V6 Tech
    My dad has a 1995 mustang v6 (that i would like to drive in future) that he took to mechanic he said there was headgasket failure. My question is what is the best way to fix this problem and keep it from happening. Possible solutions i thought of (remember i want the low cost option of fixing...