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  1. Hello

    Hello All, Looking forward to learning more about my new-to-me '07 Mustang GT, although, the last car I drove was an '02 Mustang GT, so not too different motor-wise. I am liking the body styling of the '07/'08 models, 'cause I feel that those closely resemble the classic style. Just...
  2. New-Butt

    Hello! I was always hanging around r/Mustang on Reddit, but decided to join an actual forum :3 Greetings from Texas!
  3. AHAHAHAHA. Best. Video. Ever!

    Check out this fantastic piece of humanity on display down in New Caney, Texas.  A rather raggedy looking blonde girl and her bottled red head friend somehow crashed an S197 between a gas station and a convenience store. What looks like a high rate of speed contributed to the Pony hopping one...
  4. Mustang goodbye party for Texas World Speedway

    Road Racing
    Join Track Guys, Mustang Club of America and SMC Events for a TEXAS sized going away party for the historic Texas World Speedway. Mark your calendars for March 26-29 as we will say goodbye to TWS with three days of track time – including Track Guys professional driving school and instructors, a...
  5. "Smoked" Raxiom Illegal in texas?

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    I just got stopped and got a ticket for $155 if I dont remove my headlights, he said these were illegal but they aren't even really smoked, it more of the inside being black that gives them that look... so my question is, are they legal in texas? can I get rid of the ticket without getting rid...
  6. need a good junkyard in Texas

    Classic Tech
    looking to maybe get my hands on a 67-69 fastback body. doesn't have to be in amazing condition looking for something i can work with. doesn't need to run or even have an engine, tranny, wheels, axle ive got that but want a body. Im located in Corpus Christi Texas and am willing to travel as far...
  7. 2012 Mustang Girl new to AFM

    Hello all, My name's Victoria, and I'm a Texan Mustang girl. I've had five mustangs so far, and love everything about them and the people who enjoy them. I had to sell my '91 5.0 hatchback last year due to money issues, but I recently bought a 2012 v6. I know, I know.. everyone mocks me for...
  8. Texas DynoTuning Help

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys, Im looking to get my car professionally tuned. Ive got an 89 LX with moderate engine mods (top end, cam, exhaust, mass air). Im looking for shops around Lubbock/Midland/Abilene/Dallas that can squeeze more power and/or economy out without breaking the bank. Any help from first hand...
  9. 2007 Mustang from Pasadena Tx

    Hey y'all! My name is Joseph and I own a black 2007 Ford Mustang. My grandparents bought it for me in October 2006 so it's 4 years old this month. I might keep it for another year and then upgrade to the newest model Mustang. I have to stay trendy with my cars LOL. But if I keep it I have been...
  10. HELP!!!-Looking For Paint & Body Shop in San Antonio, TX

    Classic Tech
    66 Mustang daily driver - Looking for a good and affordable paint and body shop in San Antonio, TX. Not looking for show quality, just good quality work and paint. Any suggestions and help are greatly appreciated.
  11. Greetings to AFM,1966 Mustang

    Greetings to everyone at AFM. I just registered and hope that this site can help me with my restoring project. I have a 66 Mustang 289, I live in San Antonio, TX but am originally from Los Angeles. I've had my Mustang for 15 years but had been stored in L.A. since I moved to TX. I just recently...
  12. New member from Texas,2009 Mustang V6

    Hi, im new to the site and would like to introduce myself. My names Brian and i own a black 2009 v6 manual transmission. all stock my best track time is 15.13 at either 93 or 98... cant remember cause the time slip got trashed. anyways i love drag racing and im hoping to get good v6 build...
  13. are there any good southeast texas speed shops?

    V6 Talk
    im looking for a shop to install a ssms stage 3 powerpack and maybe a TMA turbo in a year or so...
  14. Arlington, Tx or surrounding areas. Get togethers.

    Hi all, I know I dont come to this site very much but I wanted to talk about Nostalgia Nights, in Arlington, Tx. Its every Friday night in the Albertsons/Whataburger parking lot from 6-10 off Little rd. It used to be huge! But, over the last few weeks its really died down and I would like to...