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  1. What will I need for a dual exhaust conversion on a 2002 V6 Mustang?

    V6 Tech
    Hey everyone, thanks for your input on my first thread on how to get a more aggressive sound for a V6 Mustang. After watching many videos on YouTube and looking through the website, I've decided to go with an o/r h-pipe and thrush welded mufflers. Main reason why I'm getting thrush mufflers is...
  2. 1998 Mustang V6 Divorced(True) Dual exhaust/ Thrush Welded

    V6 Talk
    Hey, I just put in dual exhaust on my V6, and I'm looking for some opinions on the sound. It's a divorced dual set up with two thrush welded mufflers. Piping is 2.25 inch . Also does the sound improve or deepen as it goes, taken into consideration that all this work was done yesterday. I've done...
  3. 1998 Mustang V6 Exhuast Question!

    V6 Talk
    Hey, I have a 1998 V6 mustang, stock y piping looking to upgrade to a divorced dual set up soon, but for right now I plan on sticking with a single exhuast set up and replace my stock muffler with a thrush welded muffler. I've done a lot of research and have found that I like the sound of having...
  4. Glasspack sizes, brands and questions

    Classic Tech
    yo whats up guys? I got a few questions about glasspacks and i know you either love them or hate them but i want a louder and better sounding exhaust without having to spend a lot of money and every one at my HS has flowmasters on their trucks so i want to sound a little different, plus i like...
  5. About exhausts..

    2.3L Tech
    Whats a good beefy sounding exhaust for a 2.3? Someday I plan to stick a Turbo coupe turbo in my engine (or swap the engine, we'll see when the time comes). Anyway, whats a good exhaust to get? I have my eye on the Flowmaster 40 series and the Thrush Turbo. The Thrush is cheaper, which is...