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  1. 3.8 thunderbird s/c fits on a v6 04 stang???

    V6 Talk
    i know a guy selling an eaton m80 supercharger off a 3.8 ford thunderbird supercoupe,, does anybody know if this will a fit in a 3.9l 2004 mustang?? is it possible with some modifying??
  2. Transplanting a 1995 T-Bird SC motor into my 1996 Mustang 3.8

    V6 Talk
    So here is the details... I have a 1996 3.8 Mustang that I am putting a fully rebuilt 1995 Thunderbird SC 3.8 in. At the moment I am puting the bottom end of the motor back together and am trying to map out all the parts I will need and problems I will run into during this swap. Has anyone on...
  3. 1991 Thunderbird super coupe engine to 1994 mustang

    V6 Talk
    Hi Im sure youve seen my previous post on this subject but I just got the donor car yesterday its a 1991 ford thunderbird super coupe:smilie its in great shape btw sucks im just pulling theengine and tranny but I have a few questions as far as the harness and sensors what will need to plug...