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  1. California Made it Happen: The History of the Mustang GT/CS

    Classic Talk
    Ford yesterday announced that it would be dusting off one of its classic badges and bringing the Mustang GT California Special back for another lap , so we thought it would be a good time to take a look back at why California got a special at all. To properly tell the story of the California...
  2. help 3.8 swap to 3.8 superchrged from 90 tbird 94 mustang

    V6 Tech
    I knowits possible I know its been talked about before. I need to know where to start. and where you hook the vac lines from the supercharger. only swaps I have done were plug and play so I would like some advice and feedback.
  3. 2001 4R70W swap into Thunderbird?

    V6 Tech
    Hello, First off, this could be the totally wrong place to post this, so Mods, feel free to move me if necessary. But anyway, I've recently been considering adding another Ford to the corral, most likely in the form of a 94-97 4.6L Thunderbird. I see them around from time to time going for cheap...
  4. How's it hanging?!

    Hey guys brand new here to this forum, but not new to mustangs.:bigthumbsup Only 20 years old, but I've been through three years of auto education in high school. I plan on helping with tidbits here and there. Started life with a V6 5speed 1995 mustang. Upgraded to a 1988 thunderbird turbo...
  5. swappwd 1989 mustang not building full boost

    2.3L Tech
    Okay, so i have a an 89 fox that i swapped the entire 88 turbo coupe divetrain into a year and a half ago. Ended up putting an aftermarket header on last november because the original manifold had two busted studs and needed it done quick. Fast forward to a week ago, header is cracked in...
  6. 2.3 turbo swap, fuel pump relay rapid clicking, won't stay running

    2.3L Tech
    This is gonna be tricky so I'll be thorough. I recently swapped the engine, transmisson, rear end, and eec from a 1988 thunderbird turbo coupe (2.3) into my mustang lx. Before the swap I had one known issue. The thunderbird, warm or cold, would rev real high on start up. This could be as high...
  7. 4.6 spark plugs are fouled on one side

    5.0L Tech
    1995 Ford thunderbird 4.6L pulled out the plugs today after about 30,000 miles motorcraft platinum plugs on bank 2 drivers side all the plugs look great, but on the passenger side especially cylinder 4 in the back the plugs have extreme burn marks almost like the color of rust on just one side...
  8. need help, swaped motors in 86 mustang from 85 T bird

    5.0L Tech
    ok if anyone is able to help with this i would be forever grateful. My dad has a 86 mustang that originally had the 3.8 v6. He took out the 302(5.0) out of a 85 thunderbird and put it in the 86 mustang. We cant get it to start. We used the wiring harness from the T-Bird. We hooked up the v6...
  9. 1987 Mustang turbo coupe flashes code 34

    2.3L Tech
    my turbo coupe wont rev past 3500 while driving, i ran the codes and it flashes out 34 which is insufficient egr flow, could that be the reason i cant go past 3500 while driving, when im idling it will rev where ever i want, ive replace the cap and rotor, fuel pump, fuel filter, plugs and wires...
  10. 87 turbo coupe sputters at 3500 rpm

    2.3L Tech
    my 87 turbo coupe revs fine when im not driving but under load it wont rev past 3500 rpms, is that a common problem? ive replaced the fuel pump the fuel filter and nothing changes the way it runs. some people have told me it could be an injector but im not sure, im thinking about replacing the...
  11. 1987 Thunderbird turbo coupe wont idle

    2.3L Tech
    i just bought an 87 turbo coupe it still has the ihi turbo, when i got it the turbo and the intercooler were off the car. needless to say i put it all back together but now when i start it it wont idle. i can give it gas and keep it running but if i let off the gas around 1000 rpms it just dies...
  12. Help with my swap, 1987 Turbo Coupe to a 1984 SVO

    2.3L Tech
    so i have almost an entire 1987 thunderbird turbo coupe that ran but it got smashed in ann arbor and it would cost more to repair than its worth. However i just bought a 1984 SVO with the same 2.3 turbo motor and was wondering if u guys could help me decide what to swap, just need a good idea of...
  13. Thunderbird supercahrged motor into mustang

    V6 Tech
    Hey guys im thinkin of picking up a 3.8 v6 supercharged from a thunderbird and putting it in my 97 v6 mustang the motor comes with ECU what else do i need? how hard is the install? where are parts for these motors? want to build the motor before i put it in thnaks
  14. Mustangbird 1999 sc!!

    Mexico and Latin America
  15. will this fit??

    V6 Tech
    bys, i was wondering if this would fit. the other day i put the conecting rod out through the side on my 1995 3.8L mustang block, and was looking for a new motor. but i was seeing about something with a big more power but easy to bolt right in. so i found a 1991 ford thunderbird supercharged 3.8...
  16. need ignition suggestions

    5.0L Tech
    Ok, I really need some help with this. I am still just 17 and took on a project that I didn't fully understand at the time. I got a 1986 thunderbird as my first car, and i hated the 3.8L it had in it. So i bought a motor out of a 68 mustang and i dumped way too much money into it to give up...