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  1. 2.3L Tech
    So we got the old belt out by cutting it and now we cant get the new one on. See in the picture there is not enough space to insert the belt. Do we need to remove the crankshaft hub or are we missing something?
  2. 2.3L Tech
    After extensive research and questions I have realized that it is very unclear as to whether my 92 lx hatchback 2.3 needs a square tooth timing belt or a round tooth timing belt??? I bought it 2 weeks ago and it currently has a square tooth belt which desperately needs to be replaced. My...
  3. 2.3L Tech
    Hey everyone, so I'm trying to replace my crankshaft timing sensor as well as the timing belt. It doesn't start and I'm pretty sure its this sensor. So as I'm removing the crank pulley, I came across the hub assembly and I cant figure out how this is supposed to come off? Not sure if I have to...
  4. 2.3L Talk
    Ok so im trying to do anything for power for no price, and i was woundering if i advance my cam if that will give me anymore power? This is on my 1993 2.3L.
  5. 4.6L Tech
    Earlier I went to go pick up my take out and I tried to start my car and it started then slowly died down and I repeated this about 7 times and even tried to rev the engine and it reved then the car continued to slowly die down. The spark plugs are brand new as well as the alternator and idk I...
1-5 of 5 Results