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timing cover

  1. How do I pull this timing cover loose?

    4.6L Tech
    Hi all. Finally found and removed all the bolts (apparently), but the bottom of the cover doesn't want to come loose. And yes, I removed the four oil-pan bolts. Is it just the gasket at the bottom? Not sure what to pry this with so I don't mar the mating surface. Also, do I have to remove the...
  2. Timing cover leak and repair

    Classic Tech
    Timing cover plate question or problem New 65 mustang owner with vehicle that has a long history of modifications that I am still getting my head around. I have a leaking timing cover in my mustang. I embarked on replacing it which started me to research the motor as I didn`t know the motor...
  3. Looking for 64 289 timing cover/water pump

    Classic Tech
    I am building an old 289 and am looking for a source for a few parts, including the timing cover and water pump. The question I have is whether a 1965 and later type timing cover and cast iron water pump is better than the aluminum cover and aluminum water pump.
  4. Timing Cover Gasket Ears, CORK????

    5.0L Tech
    I'm replacing my timing cover. My problem is this: I've got a one piece, rubber oil pan gasket. I don't like the idea of cutting the gasket flush with the block and then replacing the "ears" with cork gasket material (comes in Felpro timing cover gasket set. I don't even understand how this...
  5. Which timing cover to run eccentric for mechanical fuel pump?

    5.0L Tech
    I'm trying to find a timing cover to convert my EFI 302 to carbureted with mechanical fuel pump. Is there one that will allow me to keep the serpentine belt system? I have seen it brought up that you cannot have a mechanical fuel pump timing cover and still run serpentine pulley/belt. Or is...
  6. Neat cars man.....hands down,1988 Mustang GT

    Howdy, I always wanted one of these cars. I am the owner of a 1988 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT. I never thought I would get my hands on one, but here it is. I've always loved the body, loved the engine and liked the people that choose to drive them. Any how I reccently replace the timing chain, timing...