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  1. V6 Talk
    Hi, my friend has a 2005 Mustang v6, auto, 3 previous owners. We don't know whats been done to it, but it will go about 140-150 mph. The meter was well below the 120, about 2 centimeters below it. It appears stock, no visible modifications. Any help would be appreciated as we are stumped! Kyle
  2. 2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    So i recently installed the SCT Tuner & Steeda Intake from Now i know the top speed of a stock is 05-09 gt is 149. But does anyone have any idea to what the (bama 89 octane performance) tune does to your top speed?
  3. 4.6L Tech
    I recently posted about my warranty from carmax thus negating any plans for putting aftermarket parts in and im really anxious to add some more power to my car. The 3.73 gears i think is the right number i read about add more acceleration, but do they take away from the top speed? also how do...
  4. 4.6L Talk
    Hey everyone i was just reading some stats on my car the past couple days and noticed that many had varying top speeds for a stock 02gt. When i bought mine the dealer said it only has a cold air and a exhaust on it and i haven't done anything to it since, but Ive gotten my Stang to 145 and it...
  5. V6 Talk
    so, ive been thinking of cool things to do to my 03 stang. what i did do, is get -all aftermarket speakers and make it so when you pull down the pass. side rear seat you see the amp -cb radio (no permanent ugly antenna etc) -new stereo deck some of my ideas -external strobes in head/tail...
  6. 2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I was looking at rebuilding the rear end of my '06 4.0L, put in a limited slip and some 3.73s. My question is how will this new gear ratio effect my performance at higher speeds? Should I expect to obtain a lower top speed and by how much? Also for high way driving I've been told that at 60mph I...
  7. V6 Talk
    Whats up guys, I just got a 2003 Mustang V6 today, and was just wondering how fast it goes. It's a automatic transmission if that makes a difference. I know it has a rev limiter on it, so I would like to know the top speeds with and without the limiter. If you can answer any or all of this...
1-8 of 8 Results