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  1. Toploader bellhousing differences

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    I'm going to look at a few toploaders tomorrow, and in the Craigslist ad, there were two different bellhousing bolt patterns. I'm wondering if these patterns are engine specific. For instance, is one only used with 5-bolt bellhousings, while the other is compatible with everything else? My car...
  2. Bell housing for a 6 bolt 289 fit a 3 speed toploader in a 64 1/2?

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    I have a 1964 1/2 Mustang with a three speed manual Toploader transmission. I would like to keep the transmission. I have a '66 289 engine with the six bolt bell housing pattern. Is there a bell housing that would fit directly? Or do I need an adapter?
  3. 1969 Mustang 4-speed reverse light switch installation?

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    Does anyone have a picture of the reverse light switch installation on a 1969 Mustang 4-speed toploader?? I bought a new switch, as the original was missing and I can't figure out how it mounts. Might I be missing a bracket?? Sincerely! Sean
  4. restoring a 65 convertible

    New here! Bought a 65 Convertible a month ago. The entire body, frames, pans and miscellaneous were redone to primer about 13 years ago with NOS parts. Has been stored ever since. It is gutted and ready for the long climb back onto the road. A 6 cylinder auto car that I'm converting to a 94...
  5. 1965 289 4sp toploader pops out of second when not under a load. Is this normal?

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    OK - my '65 fastback has a 4 speed toploader and I have noticed that when I am coasting downhill but still in 2nd that sometimes it pops out of second into neutral. Is this a problem? Back in the 80's I had a foreign car that did this with 3rd gear a few times and ended up destroying the...
  6. Toploader shift pattern?

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    Hi there - new to the forum and just bought my first project. 65 coupe with a 302, supercharger and more fun under the hood. The previous owner put a rebuilt 4 speed toploader in and I am confused about the shift pattern. This is made slightly more complicated by the fact that the clutch is...
  7. 4 speed Top Loader Wide Ratio vs Close Ratio..Decisions

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    So I am looking into purchasing a toploader For my 69 mustang. The question I have is which is more ideal? It will be a daily driver and it will be a drag car too. I was planning on putting 3.55s in the rear also. I was comparing the ratios between the two and for highway driving the 4th gear...
  8. 3sp Toploader Flywheel/Bellhousing Matching

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    i bought a recently rebuilt 3 speed toploader from a buddy of mine for pretty cheap that i plan to use on my moderatly built 289. the guy gave me everything for it but the flywheel and clutch disc. Now i have searched all morning trying to find out a way to tell what flywheel the bellhousing is...
  9. 1966 Fastback transmission swap advice needed

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    I have a 1966 Fastback with a 289 A code. Dressed to look like a Shelby but with an automatic. I want to swap out the automatic for a 4-speed Toploader. I can do the conversion myself. 1) Any recommendations on where to go to get the Toploader transmission, bell housing, flywheel, clutch...
  10. 1964 1/2 Mustang Clutch Replacement. Please Help I'm Totally Confused!

    Classic Tech
    title says 1964 1/2 Mustang but I'm not sure I the transmission is a 3 sp toploader has 4 bolts on top inside I found a 15/16" input shaft with a 10 spline I think a 9" but could be 9 1/8" clutch plate.. I have been to all the pa /rts stores and I search on line I could not find a rebuild...
  11. 1972 Mustang shifter clearance problem.

    Classic Tech
    Ok, here is my question to anyone that can help me. I am in the middle of a 3 speed to 4 speed swap in my 1972 Mustang Convertible with a 302. The toploader is date correct for my car. I bought a hurst competition plus shifter and correct installation kit for this application. I had to remove...
  12. would this transmission work in my car?

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    I have a Ford 4 speed toploader type transmission with a 14 inch tail shaft I have no current need for. Wide ratio gearing. 10 spline input shaft, 28 spline output shaft. I do not have a bell housing or the linkage. The gears look as good as new. Perfect original piece for a hot rod, muscle car...
  13. 1966 289 to 351 swap - 4 speed toploader. Help!

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    hey guys, i'm working on 1966 mustang with an original 289-4 speed toploader configuration. The 289 that i have currently in the car is in too poor of condition to drive. It's burning oil and misfiring. There is a 351 for sale in my town and it seems to be a good deal. I just don't know how...