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  1. Classic Tech
    So I my car is almost ready for paint. I have finished the engine and just need one more gasket to replace. I decided I want to order wheels and tires before paint and body. I also already ordered everything I need for the interior. I am getting Torque Thrust D's. I have all stock suspension no...
  2. Classic Talk
    What offset is recommended for front and rear 17 x 7 inch Torq Thrust wheels on a 1968 Mustang coupe?
  3. Classic Talk
    How much back spacing is needed for a 255/60R15 in the rear of a 67? And for a 215/60R15 in the front of a 67? I do not want them to stick out way past the fender. I'd like some AR torq thrust D's but they only have 3.25" bs.
  4. Classic Talk
    Hey all! I'm finally starting the disc brake swap. At the same time, I'll be buying new rims. These are a variation of the Torq Thrust 2's, they almost look like Torq Thrust M's from american racing, but I cant tell what they are exactly. The center cap has a design that I'm sure I've seen...
  5. Classic Tech
    hi i have a 67 mustang coupe and was wondering what size rims and tires i could run with it. the front i would like to keep as a 14 but i just put granada disk brake spindles on it and the stock steel wheels dont fit. on the rear of the car i have a ford 9 inch out of a 57 ford and was hopping...
1-5 of 5 Results