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torque converter problem

  1. Loud thud from transmission in my 1965.

    Classic Tech
    While I was attaching my engine to my transmission I heard a loud thud as I was tightening my bell housing bolts? Any idea what it could be? Could it be my torque converter snapping in to place under the pressure?
  2. 1992 Mustang 2.3 Litre - New Transmission - Now Hase Bad Vibration

    2.3L Tech
    hi everyone im new to the forum and my question is i have a 92 mustang 2.3l and i just had the transmission rebuilt and now i get this vibration when i come off the highway is when it does it going from high speeds to low speeds i can put it in neutral and right back in drive then its fine ive...
  3. My mustang cant do a power brake burnout anymore whats wrong?

    4.6L Tech
    Ok so first of my car is a 2002 mustang Gt automatic when i first bought my car used it did nice burnouts but i bought some 18' rims with 295/35 toyo tires and didnt want to waste them so didnt do burnouts for a while but when i tryed them like 3 months after i bought them it didnt even spin the...
  4. Mustang 5.0 Torque Converter question?

    5.0L Talk
    Hey ive got a 88 5.0 mustang with a AOD in it, I drove around with the TV cable off it (that was an accident) but im wondering, if it screwed up my torque converter, when i rev up the car in neutral, i rev it to 4000 then it comes back down to 2000 then when i hit the pedal again, it makes this...