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tps sensor replacement

  1. Change of TPS

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey folks, I am having some problems once in a while that my car dies in idle and once during cruising. When it dies at idle, no error code is shown, and the one time it happened during cruising, generated 2 error codes that it either was the throttle position sensor TPS or the pedal sensor...
  2. High tps voltage at idle

    5.0L Tech
    My new to me 1990 5.0 LX 5 speed is having a few issues, mostly with idling. I dumped the codes, and got several. As I work through the problems, I've got code 23: TPS out of range. When I check / try to set the voltage, I'm getting 4.92 volts at idle (ignition on, engine off). The tps that came...
  3. 1992 lx TPS removal

    2.3L Tech
    So the otherday i picked up my first car, a 92 2.3l coupe. The check engine light is on so i did a self scan and it lead me to the tps. I went out and got one but i discovered the two screws holding it in are only milimeters from the intake manifold. Do i have to take the whole manifold to get...
  4. Throttle position sensor help

    5.0L Tech
    Ran my codes again and got tps circut. Checked voltage at the plug and its fine. But when I check the tps voltage on the green wire with the ignition on the best I get is .5v instead of .98v or so. Ive tried to adjust it but cant get above .5 can anyone help me on this??
  5. 05 Roush Mustang GT TPS sensor #3

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Just want to thank all of u who replied to my engine questions. I replaced the throttle position sensor in my stand without having to so all the requirements suggested by mechanics at Ford. It was simple ant $75 dollars instead of $1000.00!! LOL. U guys are great, thanks again! Stangs for life...