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  1. 67 coupe road course build

    Classic Talk
    hello everyone I am looking to build a 67 coupe for road course/autocross. My goal with the car is to get into autoX and road course racing. I'm not sure how competitive I wanna be as I don't have the funds to race every weekend and id like it to still be street able. I have dreamed of doing...
  2. First HPDE event advice/prep wanted!

    Road Racing
    This is my first post to this forum and after scouring the net on what seems to be every site and forum out there, I wanted to try and get some information and advice tailored specifically to my needs. Basically, I've always wanted to take my car onto a race track and see what both myself and...
  3. Modded SHELBY Hunts BadAss FOX

    Road Racing Some of the fun from the Magnus Motorsport Track Day, I find the FOX at the 5:00 mark.
  4. Gingerman Raceway Open Track Hosted by The Motorcity Roundup

    East Central
    Hello Enthusiasts! I want to extend an invitation to everyone that reads this post to come to the Gingerman Raceway track event hosted by the Motorcity Roundup! This event is one where we are out to have a good time in a performance driving environment while giving everyone from a virgin track...
  5. Just Track It at Daytona - 31 October

    Road Racing
    Just Track It is very proud to offer an opportunity to drive a bucket list track. Home of the Rolex 24, spiritual home of NASCAR, the place that kicks off the race season and a venue raced by pros from all over the world – Daytona International Speedway! We will be there on Friday Oct 31 as a...
  6. July 25&26 IMG Round Two at Lime Rock Park

    Road Racing
    Independent Motorsports Group is back at Lime Rock Park on July 25&26. Join us for two days of HPDE, Time Trials, Sprint Racing, 1hr Endurance race, and our famous Car-B-Que. This event will also feature our one of a kind SprintDuro. We start both the Sprint Race and Endurance race at the...
  7. Post Track Day Maintenance Question

    Road Racing
    The oil will be changed between track days, but I was look for info on what else you would consider and how often, I was thinking diff, trans and maybe brake fluid etc. Just generally with tracking the car how often should these item be changed. Thanks Chris
  8. Tire/Size Question - Enkei PF01 18x9 Track Days

    Road Racing
    Hey guys, a little help, suggestions please. Enkei PF01 18x9, 5x114.3 +45 silver I have these wheels for my 2012 Brembo GT for track days I was hoping I could get some suggestions as to what tires/size maybe a good choice. I will be running the Autobahn and Road America. I only started doing...
  9. Post 2013 Midwest Track Days Here

    Road Racing
    I have been looking for some track days in 2013 in the Midwest (with in 3 hours of Chicago/Elgin). So Far I have found these most are in the week. I was looking for more weekend events. Hooked On Driving - High Performance Driving Schools, Lessons, Driving Experience, HPDE, Professional...
  10. Gainesville FL Raceway Track Day

    Road Racing
    I am arranging a private track day at Gainesville Raceway Circuit Course on November 4, 2012. Auto Plus Raceway The track is roughly 1.2 miles in the configuration we plan to use. We'll have cars of all types there, so please forward this to any enthusiasts that may be interested. It will be a...
  11. Watkins Glen - Anyone done a track day?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hi all, Title says it all - i want to do some before i mod the car. Would appreciate pointers from track vets. Also, anyone runany other tracks in NY, PA, NJ, MA, Ontario, etc? Thanx for any help!
  12. Road course - track day

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I am really wanting to get some people together and either rent out a road course for a track day. The track that i was wanting to rent is The European Rally School--- check out the Bradford Long Course road track. It would be cheaper if we can get a some people together, not just...