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transmission fluid

  1. Fuel Filter and Manual Tranny Fluid

    4.6L Tech
    I picked up a beautiful 1999 GT Convertible this spring. I'm working on doing some routine maintenance to make sure it's running as well as it can, but I keep running into conflicting information on proper fluids/parts. For example, the owners manual says the proper fuel filter for the car is...
  2. 06 GT Transmission fluid change?

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hi guys- Apologies if this has been answered a million times already (maybe I suck at archive searches) but I wanted some second thoughts on this. I'm on a stock 06 GT w/ app. 67k miles on it. Bought it a couple years back with around 45k miles and previous owner history never showed any tranny...
  3. transmission fluid in 1999 mustang 3.8l 5spd

    V6 Tech
    so im almost done putting the clutch in my 99 3.8l 5 spd. im pretty sure i lost almost all the tranny fluid out, where do i fill it at and when do i know its full
  4. Mustang 2005 GT transmission fluid change HELP HELP HELP PLS! :)

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hey All, I would LOVE some help on the following topic! My 2005 mustang GT auto transmission needs an fluid change. So I know that the recommended would obviously be the Motorcraft Mercon V spec. But I really think the idea of using a fully synthetic oil such as that offered by Valvoline is...
  5. 1968 mustang transmission leak

    Classic Tech
    So the other day I noticed something that every mustang owner hates to see, a puddle of liquid under the car indicating a leak. Upon closer inspection I realized that is was coming from the part where the transmission meets the driveshaft. Does anyone know if it's a gasket or seal of some sort...
  6. 93 Ford Mustang lx Hatchback Automatic 2.3L trans issues

    2.3L Tech
    I have a 93 Ford Mustang lx Hatchback Automatic 2.3L I love this car! EXCEPT 2 things . . . . 1 I have trans. fluid leaking. I have done everything from checking the filter to hoses to trans. Pan. NOTHING no reason for the leak. Only thing Im thinking it could be is output seal is damaged =/...
  7. help I have transmission leak C4 1966 mustang

    Classic Tech
    I, just bought a 66 coupe with 3 speed auto. Engine and Transmission said to have been rebuilt last 5000 miles. Drove the car about 100 miles to get home and ran fine. cruised nicely at 65 mph and pushed up to 85 mph a few times. Just ran to get a pizza and noticed Reverse was banging. Looked at...
  8. Manual Transmission Fluid Check

    Classic Tech
    Hey everyone! I'm still new to the site and learning about my pony. I know it's time for the transmission fluid to be changed but I can't find the dipstick. I thought it was behind the carb on the left side of the engine, but no luck so far. I think I could probably figure out how to change the...
  9. Install a rebuilt transmission, or take my chances - 99 Mustang 4.6L manual

    4.6L Tech
    I love my '99 Mustang GT convertible (manual T-45 transmission) but it hasn't been liking me too much lately. I'm not a car expert by any means, so I have to get a shop to do any transmission work. The problem: Has 118K miles on it now, never had any transmission issues except one time about a...
  10. 65 mustang speedomoeter gears??

    Classic Tech
    I bought a 65 coupe, I have been trying to get it running again. I found out the 289 motor has 302 heads on it. The car did not have the transmission fluid fill tube nor the speedometer cable. How do I find out exactly what transmission it is and where the tube goes? How do you know the gear...
  11. 1967 mustang transmission leak

    Classic Tech
    I just put my C6 transmission back on my 1967 mustang. I was filling it back up with transmission fluid, and I put in at least a gallon and a half. All of the sudden fluid started pouring out of a steel tube about 4 inches long on the driver's side of the transmission, kind of on top. I was...