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transmission leak

  1. VERY strange coolant leak (checked all the basics) and other problems

    4.6L Tech
    So I have a coolant leak. I recently changed the timing cover gasket and that fixed my oil leak problem and everything was fine for a couple days but now I have a coolant leak. At first the coolant was leaking slowly out and I would need to replace it every other day and then it got worse and...
  2. Rear bushing sliding out

    5.0L Tech
    92 5.0 T-5, The other day I found the transmission fluid low, and notice that the rear seal was loose and the tail shaft bushing was farther aft than the transmission housing. What causes this and how do I fix it?
  3. 68 Mustang C4 leaking

    Classic Tech
    Hello, I'm new here and just recently started working on my 68 Mustang. Since I bought the car the tranny is leaking and I tried to fix this but not really successful yet. I already got a cast aluminum pan and the Moroso 93107 Perm-align Transmission Gasket for Ford C4 and i tightened the bolts...
  4. O/D light blinking (v6, 3.8, automatic) after transmission oil change

    V6 Tech
    Hello I am from Toronto. This is in regards to my automatic 2000 Mustang v6, 3.8L base model. I bought the pre-owned car in 2007 with 1,21,000 kms already on it. This January (2015), with temperatures in Toronto going in the negative and lots of snow, I had to go overseas for 9 months and I...
  5. 1966 Mustang C4 Automatic Transmission Leak

    Classic Tech
    Hello all, I recently bought a 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe. The C4 Automatic transmission has a minor yet prevalent leak. It is coming from the seal in between the gasket and the pan and dripping onto the bolts and the floor. I bought a new pan and gasket and lined the entire thing with silicone...
  6. New to forum... with a trans leak??

    Just acquired a '67 Coupe 289 and have found this forum helpful in a lot of ways just using search of other posts. I have what I believe is a C4 transmission that has a leak at the shifter shaft seal. I'll do more checking on 'how to' but does this leak require the transmission to be dropped to...
  7. Need help with oil leak!!!!

    Classic Tech
    I have a 68 mustang with a 289 automatic. Just got everything running and made it driveable. Now the problem is i noticed regular engine oil dripping out between the end of the block and the front of the transmission where it connects. I didnt notice until today that whether its on or off there...
  8. Transmission Leak? Chunk of metal missing from bottom of transmission

    4.6L Talk
    Does it look like I took a chunk out the bottom of my transmission there where its circled red. Is is just me or is it leaking along there because theres a gap between tranny housing and the plate on the front of the tranny? I dont know if it could be oil from the bottom onf my leaking oil pan...
  9. Install a rebuilt transmission, or take my chances - 99 Mustang 4.6L manual

    4.6L Tech
    I love my '99 Mustang GT convertible (manual T-45 transmission) but it hasn't been liking me too much lately. I'm not a car expert by any means, so I have to get a shop to do any transmission work. The problem: Has 118K miles on it now, never had any transmission issues except one time about a...
  10. Proud owner of the infamous C-4 transmission

    Hi, Thanks for letting me join the Mustang forum. I truly do not own a mustang, but took advantage and added this great transmission to my 1939 Ford flathead V8-60. I have been having problems with the transmission leaking while in neutral, but cannot find a local source to explain what may be...
  11. Leaking Transmission

    2.3L Tech
    Hey guys, So today I went and changed my tranny fluid in my T-5. To get the bolts loose I needed to add a bar onto the end of the ratchet. When I was tightening the bolt back up I decided to put the bar back on the ratchet to get it back to roughly the same tightness. When I went to tighten the...
  12. 1967 Mustang C-4 Transmission Leak

    Classic Tech
    I have a 1967 coupe with a C-4 transmission. I recently replaced the transmission fluid pan gasket and the filter. Then, a few weeks ago, I finally got the car to run, and this past week I put transmission fluid in so I could try to drive it. It works fine, but now there is a small leak...
  13. 1996 Transmission leak

    V6 Talk
    I gratefully inherited a 1996 V6 my dismay it has a trasnmission leak. It had the linkage fixed recently b4 i gained ownership. b4 that no it possible this is a seal or something easily fixed...i'm a DIYS kinda guy...but know nothing of transmissions. any kind of light...