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transmission problem

  1. 2003 Mustang V6 5 speed won't go into reverse sometimes?

    V6 Talk
    I tried searching for this topic but only found T-45's not engaging in reverse in these new edges. I believe the V6's had T5's and early GT's had the T45. Anyways my car will go into reverse about 50% of the time then its a struggle getting it into reverse the other 50%. Gears 1-5 are shifting...
  2. 1966 Mustang Leaking From Transmission??!

    Classic Tech
    Alright, so I am kinda panicking right now... I just got enough money for the hurricane air conditioning kit ive been saving for, and OF COURSE SOMETHING ELSE GOES WRONG!!! I have the l6, 3 speed manual 66 coupe, and it just started dropping what I believe to be oil right where the transmission...
  3. 1965 289 4sp toploader pops out of second when not under a load. Is this normal?

    Classic Talk
    OK - my '65 fastback has a 4 speed toploader and I have noticed that when I am coasting downhill but still in 2nd that sometimes it pops out of second into neutral. Is this a problem? Back in the 80's I had a foreign car that did this with 3rd gear a few times and ended up destroying the...
  4. Uggggghhh transmission!!!

    4.6L Tech
    sooo i was just coming home on a day that everything in the world went wrong.. and right outside my neighborhood i was shifting from first to second gear and my transmission is now locked in first gear and wont shift to any other gear even in neutral its in first gear..when i try to switch to...
  5. 1973 mustang Linkage question?

    Classic Tech
    first i have to say thanks to everyone who helped with my strut rod question this forum has been invaluable as i begin getting int the mustang world and repair. seond , i have goten the car running, but now i am noticing that my linkage is off, or i think it is. park=reverce, reverce=nuetral...
  6. My 1991 Mustang lx is stuck in 5th gear.

    5.0L Talk
    I was driving on the freeway, then when I was going to get off on the exit it wouldn't get out of 5th gear. My neighbor looked at it and said the clutch is locked up. I don't think so because it does disengage. Any suggestions?
  7. 1998 Mustang GT 4R70W "slipping" out of forward gear

    4.6L Tech
    Hi all :wavey I'm trying to decide whether or not I am going to need a complete transmission rebuild to get my 1998 4.6 Mustang back on the road. It has just under 200,000 miles and to my knowledge the transmission fluid was never changed. I will be limited on funds for the next 6 weeks, but...
  8. Transmission Leak? Chunk of metal missing from bottom of transmission

    4.6L Talk
    Does it look like I took a chunk out the bottom of my transmission there where its circled red. Is is just me or is it leaking along there because theres a gap between tranny housing and the plate on the front of the tranny? I dont know if it could be oil from the bottom onf my leaking oil pan...
  9. 1997 mustang clutch problems after clutch install

    V6 Tech
    I have been rebuilding my 97 mustang for about 5 years at home on and off after wrecking it in 2004. I just finally got it back on the road. The TOB was making noise for about a year before i wrecked the car so i knew it had to be replaced. About a month ago i put in an OEM clutch from NAPA. I...
  10. 1997 mustang gt tranny problems

    4.6L Tech
    when i drive my car the O/D off light flashes on and off. i had someone check it with a scanner and they told me that the code it was throwing was "transmission sensor a" is this sensor inside the transmission of on the outside of it and how hard is it to replace? my car has an automatic...
  11. Newly bought 1989 2.3 w/rebuilt trans. making rubbing sounds during acceleration...

    2.3L Tech
    First of all, being new to the AFM website.. I wanna say "THANK YOU" to everyone who's helped me with advice on my recently purchased 89 Mustang LX 2.3 Convertible... I LOVE THIS CAR!! When I bought the car, I was informed of a recent rebuild to the transmission (1500 miles on rebuild). I...
  12. 1997 Mustang gt 4.6 transmission problem need help

    4.6L Tech
    Hi, I do have a 1997 mustang GT 4.6 engine, this is a standar 5 speed transmission, the car its basically stock, I have experienced a problem with the transmission, after driving more that 60 miles at highway and get in to town the transmission shifter feels sticky and its hard to shift...
  13. 2003 Mustang GT gears not going in easy

    4.6L Tech
    hi. seems like lately i have been having some trouble putting my gear into place.. as if it gets stuck then i have to do it again for it to go in properly.. im new.. today is my first day on the forums.. what seems to be the problem? Thanks
  14. 1988 Mustang gt transmission grinding

    5.0L Tech
    Hey, i have an 88 gt and the guy before me replaced the clutch and the trans but now when i go to shift (5 speed) it grinds a little going into gears when its cold even when the clutch is in all the way. It also pops out of 2nd gear when downshifting or going at steady speed but not when...
  15. C-4 Transmission will not shift out of second

    Classic Tech
    I have a 66 with a transmission that had been rebuilt. It used to run perfect, but the car was parked since summer of 07. Now it will lag when shifting into 2nd, and it doesn't feel like it's shifting into 3rd. Any ideas what can be the problem? :headscratch: Thanks for reading this.
  16. 1990 5.0 mustang Transmission linkage position

    5.0L Tech
    Hey i have a 1990 5.0 mustang. it shifted fine til earlier today when i went to put it in overdrive. Any ideas what the problem could be? If anyone has pictures of the way the linkage looks when engaged in overdrive, they would be of great help!!
  17. Having some problems with my 5.0!

    5.0L Tech
    So i recently purchased a Automatic Ford Mustang GT 5.0 last week and i was driving it home from work when i noticed it was acting up a bit. i was giving it gas and the RPM's were raising but it wasnt actually Accelerating. Before i got home i had to park it on the side of the road because it...