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  1. 4.6 mustang vacuum line connection with trick flow track heat intake

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 97 4.6 mustang gt with a 2001 PI head swap. I have the 2001 Trick Flow Track Heat upper and lower intake manifold kit. I'm confused as to where my vacuum lines connect and which lines connect to the 3 brass barbs (1 large and 2 small) that come out the passenger side of the upper...
  2. Can i recalibrate a MAF thats already been calibrated?

    sup dudes. Just upgraded my throttle body and intake. Went with a trick flow track heat upper and lower and got at 70mm bbk throttle body. Found a bbk cold air with a MAF with it for pretty cheap. But the maf is calibrated for 30s... And im not runnin 500+ hp so I don't need the bigger...
  3. 1.7 rockers+e cam+ tfs 170 heads PTV issues

    5.0L Tech
    Hi everyone. I recently finished my hci combo on my car. It has tfs 170's, crane 2040 cam (also e cam), and Holley systemax intake for the hci. Right now I'm using 1.6 rockers with no PTV issues. The car runs great. My question is do you guys think I can run 1.7 rockers without having to tear...
  4. New Throttle Body...Pedal Feel Problem

    4.6L Tech
    Hey Guys, I just replaced my intake with an edelbrock victor jr and a new trickflow 75mm plenum and throttle body. Its all on the car and I went to check the pedal inside the car and its unbelievably light...i'm pretty sure it would be undriveable lol I checked the return spring from my...
  5. 5.0 backfiring and running rich

    5.0L Tech
    1990 Mustang 5.0 H.O-- Problem- Running very rich, backfiring through intake and exhaust when driven **Car Idles ok and firing order is correct. I had the fuel presure regulator not hooked up to vacuum and it ran but popped. Just found that problem today and got it hooked up to vacuum but still...
  6. Trick Flow top end install timing questions

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys, I just finished my Trick Flow top end kit install. went with the 360hp/350tq kit with stage one cam. it runs great but i think it could be better. I was wondering if i should adjust my timing any with this kit and if so how much? Also dont know if it matters or not with timing but i...
  7. trick flow tw heads 170s

    5.0L Tech
    alrite i just ordered my trick flow heads i have an e303 cam for rite now dose anyone know what size of push rod i need i also have tfs 1.6 roller rockers
  8. 91 mustang gt charging problem

    5.0L Tech
    ok my problem is when i turn on my car my volt gauge is in the middle were the m is at then i turn on my ac and it goes like to 10 volts and with my ac off and headlights on it goes like to 12 volts and my alternator gets relley hot i already replaced it twice and sitll gets hot this started to...
  9. Dyno jet results with new trick flow heads!

    5.0L Tech
    My mustang made 290RWHP and 306TQ on a dyno jet. I was expecting to be at least 315-330 any ideas what's holding me back. I have trick flow 170cc track heat heads w 1.7 Rr, b cam, unported weiand stealth intake, holley 650 dp. The heads were milled to a 58cc combustion chamber and the timing was...
  10. Best carbureted intake with trick flow heads?

    5.0L Tech
    I just installed trick flow 170cc heads on my 302 mustang and would like some input on intake selection! I sold the air gap knock off I had because it was a single plane and I want a dual plane. I stayed with the b-cam in sig but went with 1.72 rockers. Right now the two I'm looking at are the...
  11. Need help choosing heads for a 302 with future plans of a 347 in mind!

    5.0L Tech
    I would like some help choosing heads for a stock bottom end 302. I'm ready to purchase a set of heads that will work on a future 347 build. I was looking at afr 185s but don't want to deal with ptv clearance issues. I have been told by a rep at trick flow that their 190cc trick flow twisted...
  12. oil puddling on lower intake manifold

    5.0L Tech
    what up guys ive noticed puddles of oil on my lower intake manifold. i thought the oil might have been leaking through the bolts so i put teflon tape on them and torqued them back down. not a week went by and i have oil puddling again on the lower intake manifold. should i get new bolts and wrap...
  13. Trick Flow Engine Rebuild. HP/TQ Output?

    5.0L Talk
    I have done alot of research on many different forums on how to rebuild my engine. I have chosen to go with almost everything Trick Flow Specialities. I've replaced everything except the crankshaft. I am still in the middle of the building process & kind of skeptical to the actual...
  14. 347 Build in a SN95

    5.0L Tech
    Hey all, I had a buddy give me a 302 block bored 20 over and have some plans to stroke it and drop it into my 1994 GT AODE. My question is this, What issues am I going to run in with the computer in my 1994 GT AODE. I am going to be putting in trick flow track heat top end with trick flow...
  15. Trick flow heads

    4.6L Talk
    Hey guys - I'm posting this up on our forum for a buddy of mine that's got a '97 thunderchicken that's looking for some info on a head swap he's going to be doing on his 4.6 motor (he's a mechanic, and damn his car looks good). He's got two options - he's got a deal on some stage 2 heads that...