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trouble codes

  1. how to clear p0357

    4.6L Tech
    The title indicates that I have the engine code p0357. So I'm misfiring, the coil is good, and I don't know how to fix it. Or at least how to go about fixing it. I know the connector does not LOCK onto the coil, so could that cause it? But if I push the harness on the coil all the way down (it...
  2. Trouble codes/check engine light after procharger install

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    So I had my procharger installed a couple months ago, and after it was first installed my installer and I went to test it out. It was after the second WOT pull in 2nd gear when the check engine light went off and it made some odd noises then too. We concluded that it was too lean. So a few days...
  3. 2002 Roush "Lack of HO2S11 & HO2S21 Switch"

    4.6L Tech
    I had posted previously about the trouble codes I've been getting. After clearing the codes the first day my check engine light came on, they stayed off for about three days. To my luck, they returned this morning. I clearded them again, and they came back on tonight. Here's the exact codes my...
  4. 1992 mustang gt trouble codes

    5.0L Tech
    my mustang has been running a little rough. it will backfire and sputter sometime when im just cruising, no other times. then it goes right back to normal. i pulled the codes today but i dont really understand them. can someone explain to me what they mean and what i should be trying to fix? the...
  5. have a couple trouble codes an a couple Q's

    4.6L Tech
    im currently thinking of getting my car tuned i have a 02 mustang gt i have a mac cai, bbk 78mm tb/plenium combo, typhoon intake manifold, bbk long tube headers, bbk X pipe, an i believe a flowmaster 2' or 2.'5 exhaust the trouble codes that are popin up are: P0133,P1131, P0171, P0174 Q's: are...
  6. 1993 2.3L Engine trouble codes - Need Help

    2.3L Tech
    1993 Mustang 2.3L Automatic I had my check engine light come on a couple times and so I hooked up my Code Scanner, These are the codes I got: KOER (Running) 521- Power steering pressure switch (PSP) Circuit did not change states. 536- Brake On/Off (BOO) circuit failure/not activated during...