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  1. 02 GT Air intake tube to 01 GT

    4.6L Tech
    Hello everybody, I'm a new mustang owner and just purchased an 01 GT premium with convertible. One of the first things I've noticed in that the air intake tube that goes from the airfilter housing to the TB is deeply cracked. I ordered a replacement that says it's compatible with an 2001 to 2004...
  2. I need on advice on fixing an exhaust leak.

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Sorry about the vague title, but there was really no way around it as I have a few questions. I recently had long tube headers installed on my car, and it appears I have an exhaust leak (a ticking noise from the exhaust tipped me off). I know that the parts are brand new and it's not likely...
  3. 65 mustang speedomoeter gears??

    Classic Tech
    I bought a 65 coupe, I have been trying to get it running again. I found out the 289 motor has 302 heads on it. The car did not have the transmission fluid fill tube nor the speedometer cable. How do I find out exactly what transmission it is and where the tube goes? How do you know the gear...
  4. Transmission Dipstick tube trouble Mustang II

    Mustang II Tech
    I'm having trouble getting the stock transmission dipstick tube to work on my mustang II. The transmission is a later model c4 but i have custom headers which causes the stock one to not fit (i have the mustang II v8 bell housing). I've looked at some flexible dipstick tubes but they are push...